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Cyclone RENE (TC 15P) Update 5 (15 Feb)

Posted by feww on February 15, 2010

Cyclone RENE Continues to Pummel Tonga Islands

Having killed at least one person, leaving behind a trail of destruction in the American Samoa (despite false media reports to the contrary), Cyclone RENE  continues to lash the island groups of Tonga with wind gusts of 200 km/hr and heavy rain.

According to two different reports, the roofs are being torn off building, trees ripped out of the ground, with power and communication lines cut off on the Vava’u and Ha’apai island groups.

RENE is now headed toward the Tongan capital of  Nuku’Alofa on the main island of Tongatapu.

Tropical Cyclone RENE – IR-WV Difference Satellite Image – Source: UW-CIMSS. Click image to enlarge.

Map of Tonga Island Groups. Source: USGovt. Click image to enlarge.


Tropical Cyclone RENE (TC 15P) Details

  • Date/Time: 15 February 2010 –  00:01 UTC
  • Position:  Near 19.6ºS, 174.4ºW
  • Sustained Movement: 245  degrees
  • Forward speed: 19 km/hr (~ 10 kt)
  • Tropical Cyclone RENE has been tracking  SOUTHWEST over the past 6 hours.

Current Wind Distribution:

  • Maximum Sustained winds: ~ 165km (~ 90 kt)
  • Maximum Gusts:  ~ 205 km/hr (~ 110 kt)
  • RENE is now a Cat 2B Hurricane on FEWW New Hurricane Scale.
  • The cyclone is expected to begin losing its intensity sharply within the next 24 hours due to cooler sea surface temperatures and high vertical wind shear.

Wave Height and Location:

  • Maximum significant wave height: ~ 9m (27 ft)
  • Location: TC RENE was located about 880 km (~ 475 NM) Southeast of  NADI, FIJI.
  • Sources: CIMSS, JTWC and Others

Additional Satellite Imagery

NOAA East Pacific Floater 1 GOES Satellite ImageryCyclone FIFTEEN (TC 15P)

See also: UW- CIMSS Cyclone Portal

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