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Cyclone RENE (TC 15P) FINAL Update (17 Feb)

Posted by feww on February 17, 2010

TC RENE Wreaked Havoc on Tongatapu Island as Forecast

Tongan capital of  Nuku’Alofa was left battered, though it could have been much worse had RENE not weakened before the assault. There were no reported injury or fatality as of posting.

Tropical Cyclone RENE.
Sat image JTWC/SATOP. Date/Time: 16 feb 2010 at 17:30UTC – Click image to enlarge.


Tropical Cyclone RENE (TC 15P) Details

  • Date/Time: 17 February 2010 –  00:30 UTC
  • Position:  Near 26.5ºS, 177ºE
  • Sustained Movement: 225  degrees
  • Forward speed: ~ 25 km/hr (~ 14 kt)
  • Tropical Cyclone RENE has been tracking  SOUTHWEST over the past 6 hours.

Current Wind Distribution:

  • Maximum Sustained winds: ~ 65km/hr (~ 35 kt)
  • Maximum Gusts:  ~ 80 km/hr (~ 45 kt)
  • RENE is expected to dissipate as a TC over open water in the next 12 hours.

Wave Height and Location:

  • Maximum significant wave height: ~ 5m (15 ft)
  • Location: TC RENE was located about 1,200 km (~ 650 NM) NNE of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Sources: CIMSS, JTWC and Others

Additional Satellite Imagery

NOAA East Pacific Floater 1 GOES Satellite ImageryCyclone FIFTEEN (TC 15P)

See also: UW- CIMSS Cyclone Portal

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