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State of Calif: The Ten Internet Commandments

Posted by feww on February 27, 2010

‘The Menace of Fcebook, Twitter’

State of California Effectively Bans Facebook, Twitter from employee Internet access list

State directive says, although agencies and departments are encouraged to  use Social Media technologies, and they have done so allegedly with  some success, there is a measure of risk to address and mitigate.

California State has therefore provided the following Ten Commandments to assist in risk mitigation.

Schwarzenegger uses Multimedia to advance his political agenda (!)
Image is a freeze-frame from an AP video. Image may be subject to copyright.

Office of the State Chief Information Officer
Social Media Standard
– SIMM 66B – February 2010

1. Users shall connect to, and exchange information with, only those Social Media web sites that have been authorized by agency management in accordance with the requirements within this and other agency and State policies.

2. Users shall minimize their use of “other than government” sections of the Social Media web sites.

3. Users shall not post or release proprietary, confidential, sensitive, personally identifiable information (PII), or other state government Intellectual Property on Social Media web sites.

4. Users who connect to Social Media web sites through State information assets, who speak officially on behalf of the state agency or the State, or who may be perceived as speaking on behalf of an agency or the State, are subject to all agency and State requirements addressing prohibited or inappropriate behavior in the workplace, including acceptable use policies, user agreements, sexual harassment policies, etc.

5. Users shall not speak in Social Media web sites or other on-line forums on behalf of an agency, unless specifically authorized by the agency head or the agency’s Public Information Office. Users may not speak on behalf of the State unless specifically authorized by the Governor.

6. Users who are authorized to speak on behalf of the agency or State shall identify themselves by: 1) Full Name; 2) Title; 3) Agency; and 4) Contact Information, when posting or exchanging information on Social Media forums, and shall address issues only within the scope of their specific authorization.

7. Users who are not authorized to speak on behalf of the agency or State shall clarify that the information is being presented on their own behalf and that it does not represent the position of the State or an agency.

8. Users shall not utilize tools or techniques to spoof, masquerade, or assume any identity or credentials except for legitimate law enforcement purposes, or for other legitimate State purposes as defined in agency policy.

9. Users shall avoid mixing their professional information with their personal information.

10. Users shall not use their work password on Social Media web sites.

Recommended Viewing: Examples of how the Governator and state legislators use Internet/ multimedia for their work:

Schwarzenegger twitpics

Twitter is a particularly effective medium forSchwarzenegger’s one-liners: “I’ll be back!” “Do you feel lucky ;)” “Not this time!”

While Facebook was described by a reader as “the bleeding edge of human sanity and narcotic-induced nightmare!”

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