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Posted by feww on March 20, 2010

Was it Something We Said?

ULUI Intensifies to a Category 1 Hurricane on FEWW New Hurricane Scale,and Intensifying

UPDATE on March 20 at 06:30UTC

  • Position: 19.7S, 151.7E
  • Max Sustained Winds: 152 km/hr (~ 82 kt)
  • Wind Gusts: 200 km/hr (~ 107 kt)
  • Movement: WSW (240 degrees)
  • Forward Speed: ~ 24 km/hr (13 kt)
  • Location: About 515 km EAST (98.5degrees) of Townsville, Australia
  • Maximum significant wave height: 9m (27 feet)
  • Sources: JTWC, CIMSS and others.
  • Comments: The cyclone’s deep convection has developed much further. Satellite images indicate that ULUI could develop an eye before it strikes the Australian coast.  Warm coastal waters are feeding ULUI and there’s little vertical wind shear to oppose the cyclone from further strengthening. ULUI could potentially intensify into a category 2A [90 percent probability],  a Cat 2B [64 percent probability] or even a Cat 3A [~ 50 percent probability] Hurrine force on FEWW New Hurricane Scale before making a landfall.
  • Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has warned that up to 30cm of rain could fall in areas under the projected path of TC ULUI.

Cyclone ULUI IR Satellite image with GFS and CMC forecast tracks superimposed. The track marked in yellow is Fire-Earth Forecast. Source CIMSS. Click Images to enlarge.

Tropical Cyclone ULUI – Visible [postcard]  image – MTSAT 1R – Dated March 20, 2010 at 05:00UTC.   Source: Digital Typhoon.  Click image to enlarge.

On the Ground …

Meanwhile, Australia’s Queensland prime minister (they have one for each state), Anna Bligh, has declared a disaster zone across the state’s central and northern coast a day ahead of cyclone ULUI arrival.

Bligh declared the Townsville, Burdekin, Whitsunday, Charters Towers, Mackay, Isaac, Rockhampton and Central Highlands as disaster areas, local reports said.

“This declaration is in anticipation that some properties may need to be evacuated in the coming hours as Tropical Cyclone Ului approaches and then crosses the North Queensland coast,” she said.

“The declaration gives Emergency Services agencies the power of mandatory evacuations if required.”

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6 Responses to “TC ULUI – 2nd UPDATE – MAR 20”

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  4. warwick said

    Current intensity level cat 3 wind gusts up to 200 km/hr. It will be interesting to is if it reforms in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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