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TC Paul: Wet Storm in a Teacup?

Posted by feww on March 30, 2010

Did we say everlasting storms?

Klingons would feel at home with Cyclone Paul—it’s like a bad dream that won’t go away!

Tropical Cyclone Paul (TC22P), more of a weakish storm than a muscle cyclone, has produced nearly 50 hours of rain on Australia’s NT coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria, without moving much.

TC Paul has so far produced up to 1,000 mm of rain on the eastern coast of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia.

Summary of Details:

Tropical Cyclone Paul was located about 110km WNW of  Alyangula and 170 km SW of Nhulunbuy, moving west at about 5 km/hr. The cyclone is currently over land west of Cape Shield, according to BOM, other sources and Fire-Earth extrapolations, as of posting.

Although the system is expected to weaken as it moves further inland, it would probably re-intensify as  it moves back into the Gulf of Carpentaria by early Thursday local time.

Location: Near 13.3ºS, 135.6ºE

Cyclone Paul. IR Satellite image. Source: CIMSS. Click Images to enlarge.

Cyclone Paul. IR?WV difference image. Source: CIMSS. Click Images to enlarge.

TC Paul Projected Path.
Source: JTWC

TC Paul ‘Kangaroo Map.” Issued at 7:54 am CST Tuesday 30 March 2010.

Color-coded image of estimated rainfall total for March 22–28, 2010. Source: NASA

Tropical Cyclone Paul  MODIS image taken on March 29, 2010.Source: NASA

Australian BOM images:

Animations from Digital Typhoon

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