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Eyjafjöll Eruption Update – April 3

Posted by feww on April 3, 2010

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Fimmvörduháls Eruption May be Intensifying – A Second Fissure Has Appeared

A new volcanic fissure has appeared near Eyjafjallajökull in southern Iceland to the northwest of the original fissure on March 31. It may be a sign that the eruption at Fimmvörduháls is intensifying.

A pilot on a sight-seeing flight observed the vent at about 7:00PM  on Wednesday (local time). He saw a sudden flash of light followed  by a new rift, which opened up immediately after, a report said.

The natural-color satellite image (ALI on NASA’s EO-1) above shows a new fissure at Fimmvörduháls near Eyjafjallajökull ejecting steam. The vent, which appeared on March 31, is located  northwest of the original vent. Source: NASA

Map of the Lava flow. Click image to enlarge.
Full map including flow data and legend available at Map of the lava flow from 21 – 31 March 2010 (by Eyjólfur Magnússon, pdf file)

Latest and the most spectacular video of the eruption:

Earlier Videos

Technical information:

Webcams – Volcanoes in Iceland

Latest Images (RUV):

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  5. feww said

    cientists Monitor Seismic Trends at Iceland Eruption

    [larger than normal] Earthquake at Iceland Eruption Zone”
    An earthquake measuring 3.7 on the Richter scale hit the eastern Eyjafjallajökull glacier near the crater on the Fimmvörduháls mountain pass at 3:32 pm today.

    Lost Tourist Found Dead in Icelandic Highlands
    A woman who went to see the volcanic eruption in south Iceland on Sunday evening with two other tourists was found dead today in the afternoon.

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