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China Officials’ April Hoax

Posted by feww on April 5, 2010

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Real Miracle, or Rigor Mortis

A few days later than most countries customarily commission their April Fool’s Day hoaxes and play practical jokes, some Chines officials decided to do theirs. Well, China dose have a different calendar.

More than a week after 154 miners were trapped in Wangjialing coalmine in north China’s Shanxi Province, the officials announced that they had rescued  77  of them!

Then again, may be it wasn’t a hoax, but the definition of life and death must vary in different cultures.

Because the only sign of life, or death, this writer saw was in an official video clip played on CNN. As the rescue workers carried the “rescued miners” out of the coalmine, a pair of bare, blackened feet stuck out from underneath a thick blanket covering one of the stretchers. Judging by the way they swayed from side to side with the movement of the stretcher, the feet looked as if they were in the advanced stages of  rigor mortis.

Freeze Frame from CCTV. Image may be subject to copyright.

“A [real] miracle has finally happened. We believe that more miracles will happen.” Said Liu Dezheng on Monday morning, after the first nine miners were taken out.

[NOTE: We hope the writer is mistaken. However, as of posting, Fire Earth Moderators couldn’t independently verify how many miners were carried alive out of the Wangjialing coalmine.]

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