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Want a Mandate to Kill Life on the Planet?

Posted by feww on April 7, 2010

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Gallup Ghosts, or U-S Pollsters Gone Bonkers!

507 “US Adults” Said More Energy, F**k the Environment: Gallup Poll

Gallup says in a poll of “1,014 US adults” conducted a few weeks before President Obama declared it was free offshore oil drilling season, half of those surveyed (507 pollsters) in  March 4-7 said the U.S. should give more priority to developing and producing its oil and gas reserves. Only 43 percent (436 respondents) said protection of the environment was more important than having limited energy supplies.

To make it stick, Gallup says it has been asking the same question concerning the priority of energy production over environmental protection for 10 years, and this was the first time the majority voted that way.

“The poll was released a few weeks before Senators John Kerry, a Democrat, Lindsey Graham, a Republican and Joe Lieberman, an independent, hope to unveil a compromise climate bill that would effectively put fees on fuels such as gasoline and coal to reduce emissions of gases blamed for warming the planet. The bill would also seek to increase incentives for offshore drilling and nuclear power.” Reuters reported.

The Magic of Gallup Polls: U.S. Support for Nuclear Power Climbs to New High of 62%

Another Gallup poll, which Fire-Earth wrote about earlier, and which was completely blocked by Google, said the U.S. Support for Nuclear Power had Climbed to New High of 62%. That Gallup Poll coincided with Bill Gates negotiations with Japan’s Toshiba about a potential partnership into nuclear-power start-ups using the so-called traveling-wave reactor.

“We need energy miracles,” Gates said, as his start-up nuclear company TerraPower, and Japan’s transistor-radios-come-washing-machines-maker Toshiba enter a new phase of negotiation on the so-called traveling-wave reactor.

Want a Mandate to Kill Life on the Planet? Call Up Gallup!

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7 Responses to “Want a Mandate to Kill Life on the Planet?”

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  6. Fire1 said

    Americans are stupid beyond belief. I suspect that they are the “stupidest” advanced nation on Earth. They care nothing for what is actually going on in the world, or what their own country does, or how much energy they consume.

    The facts are simple: The US is the world’s largest polluter, largest energy consumer, largest war machine, largest torturer, largest prison population, and largest consumer.

    All of these facts are obviously connected. Asking Amerikans to restrict their gluttonous appetites is always going to give the same answer: “Hell no, we’re AMERICANS and we have the RIGHT TO DESTROY THE PLANET!!!”.

    I am disgusted, sickened and saddened at how stupid, ignorant and willfully blind Amerikans truly are. This country is a HUGE part of the problems going on in the world in terms of free speech, environment, the biosphere, pollution, war, torture and rape of the planet. We have by far, the largest share of responsibility and failures in every single one of these points.

    But none of this matters to Amerikans.

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