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Google reveals fraction of govt censorship requests

Posted by feww on April 21, 2010

What about Google’s ‘insider’ censorship?

Most (99.99%) of Internet censorship is carried out by Google on its own accord and for monetary gains!

Google reveals a tiny fraction of government data requests and censorship

Note: The above image incorporates the Google logo, which is a trade mark of that disgraceful corporation.

Google has released some details of how often it surrenders user data to various governments or censors information on their behalf.

Google’s list:

  1. Brazil  government (3,663 data requests)
  2. United States (3,580)
  3. The UK (1,166)
  4. India (1,061)

This partial revelation follows Google’s move to pull its search engine out of China over disagreement with the Chinese government concerning the mechanics (not the principles) of online censorship issues.

Google refused to provide statistics on the extent of its censorship in China, calling them “state secrets.”

Google says it also removed content on behalf of various governments as follows (July and December 2009):

  • Brazil (291)
  • Germany (188)
  • India (142)
  • US (123)

“Google’s numbers are not nearly as transparent as they could be,” said Tom Krazit of

“The tool doesn’t break out the data for the number of times Google complied or refused requests for information on individuals. It does say how often—in general—it complies with takedown requests, but does not provide specifics.”

The “tool” [more like bit] is available at

So, what’s the issue? Isn’t Google coming clean with its censorship data?

Far from it. What Google has been doing can be classified as a variation of “insider dealing” concerning the dissemination of information. Google’s suppression of critical information is financially motivated. The company’s practice of censorship is meant to assist and protect its partners and clients.

Most (99.99%) of Internet censorship is carried out by Google on its own accord and for monetary gains!

Who are Google’s partners? The multinationals, national corporations, and even smaller companies, AS WELL AS government agencies like NASA,USGS, NOAA and others in the U.S. [also many organizations in other countries] in which Google has a direct financial stake.

Google has but one motto: “Take Their Money!”

If any information posted on the Internet conflicts in the slightest way with Google’s ability to maximize its global financial interests, that information is suppressed in a number of ways including by filtering, hiding, burying and ultimately removing from Internet.

How do we know this?

Fire-Earth closely monitors the traffic to blog posts, and notes large anomalies with the entries criticizing Google, its partners and clients. Those posts  invariably become “invisible.” See also:  Google’s Top 10 List of ‘Holy Cows’ and California Earthquake Forecast – Update 4.

Another recommended Google logo.

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