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Gulf Oil Spill and Other News Headlines-Apr 30

Posted by feww on April 30, 2010

Should We Fear Space Aliens? (CNN)

No, but we sure as hell ought to fear the terrestrial aliens that come and spill oil in our waters!

[Funny how CNN and that British professor bring this alien thing out every time there’s a big disaster to distract people from the real issues.]


U.S. Gulf state shrimpers sue BP over oil spill

BP, Transocean and Halliburton sued over Gulf oil spill

“Shrimpers in Louisiana and Alabama have filed class-action lawsuits against oil giant BP Plc  and owners of the drilling platform that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, as claims for economic losses anticipated from the disaster began to mount.

“Two similar lawsuits, filed late on Wednesday in U.S. District Court in New Orleans and on Thursday in the adjacent Gulf Coast state of Alabama, accuse the companies of negligence.” More…

This is the time to get it all out, claim damages for loss of livelihood, clean land, beaches … and hopefully drive one of the ugly green [and yellow] giants out of business, folks.


Wildlife in Peril as Slick Nears Gulf Coast

Oil, Already Sliding into Louisiana Waters, Threatens Newly Hatched Fish Larvae

“As a giant oil slick neared landfall late Thursday, field crews raced to barricade the Gulf coast’s fragile wetlands and beaches, where thousands of wildfowl are nesting at the height of their breeding season and millions of migrating birds pause in their annual spring journey north.” More…

The Gulf of Mexico nightmare enters a new phase—the first stage in the collapse of the Gulf states may have begun.


Barrack Obama pledges maximum effort to tackle oil leak

Mr Barrack Obama has gone on record as saying that “every single available resource” of government will be deployed to help contain the Gulf Coast oil leak. More…

However, he refused to comment on the future of offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and elsewhere.


Oil Spill’s Blow to BP’s Image May Eclipse Costs

“BP says that the offshore drilling accident that is spewing thousands of barrels of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico could cost the company several hundred million dollars.”

“But regardless of the out-of-pocket costs, the long-term damage to BP’s reputation — and possibly, its future prospects for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico — is likely to be far higher, according to industry analysts.”  More…

BP is one of the top 3 polluters in the world responsible for a large volume of oil pollution. Sue them, by all means. Drive them out of business. But don’t also forget to sue the disinformation industry, the media, which has stopped you hearing us shouting from the top of our voices, warning you about the dangers that lurk under the water, and inside the earth.

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4 Responses to “Gulf Oil Spill and Other News Headlines-Apr 30”

  1. michael said

    The BP oil leak is a a real disaster and will affect many people and multiple ecosystems.
    But it will be interesting to see how far the Americans go in insisting that BP completely clears up the pollution from the oil leak.
    We can contrast what BP is going to be required to do to clean up the pollution with the Union Carbide incident in Mumbai 30 years where the land is still polluted and hundreds of children are still being born each year with a wide range of birth defects.
    Perhaps there is a different standard being applied by the President because the pollution is in the USA?
    Maybe the USA would now appreciate that it is also time to ensure the polluted Mumbai land is cleaned up properly.

    • feww said

      We are all keeping our fingers crossed for the people in the South, and indeed throughout the country.

      However, there are some fundamental issues that need addressing, the most important ones of which are the ultimate scale of this disaster and the role of government versus the rule of corporations in our lives.

      This reply probably becomes more meaningful as the disaster continues to unfold. See also:

      You’ll find that the system is not set up to protect the people’s interest!

  2. slamdunk said

    On the oil spill–yikes what a mess.

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