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Things aren’t as bad as they look …

Posted by feww on April 30, 2010

You guessed it: They are much worse …

Instead of ditching the offshore drilling plan, White House defends it

Taking Stock of the Oil Spill, Energy and Climate Bil and the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLES

In a nutshell …

1. The rulers have imposed upon us a method of doing things, a system of exponentially expanding economy,  that is destroying the planet.

2. We have been prevented from researching and developing alternative lifestyles, means of running our everyday lives with zero impact on the planet.

3. Coupled with the economy is an energy policy that’s destroying not just the climate, but the very air, land and water we breathe and feed from.

4. We have been hoodwinked into electing an incompetent and ill-meaning President, who’s trying to secure a second term by way of appeasing the giant corporations that have no concern other than maximizing their bottom line.

5. Some of those giants force us to chain ourselves inside vehicles  that were made by other giants,  keeping each and everyone of us locked in on the wilderness of freeways, polluted roads and streets, burning the gas they sold us, going nowhere, several hours a day, each day.

What we would expect our elected President [he was elected because the only other option allowed would have been tantamount to total moral failure] to say how he would now stop the oil plunder that is pushing the Gulf States to the verge of collapse, as each minute passes by. Instead, here’s what he had to say:

Instead of ditching the offshore drilling plan, White House defends it

“The administration’s offshore oil and gas plan proposes a thoughtful, scientifically grounded process for determining which new areas on the outer continental shelf are appropriate for exploration and development, and for assessing the potential risks and benefits of development in areas that are being explored,” the White House said in a statement.

The Obama Administration said it planned to  work closely with the Congress and state governors to assign new areas for offshore oil and gas drilling.

6. How can anyone find out that our road map is faulty and the destination non-existent? The answer is they can’t. Only disasters like the growing oil spill in the Gulf can  momentarily awaken us to the truth.  Even then our realization of reality is ephemeral. The heavy spin machine (our politicians), the agents of disinformation (the media) and other dark forces of information suppression (the Internet mafia), prevent us from seeing, hearing and experiencing.

7. By all means then sue the giants. But don’t stop there because the Administration, media and the internet Mafia deserve equal reaction.

8. Knowledge and information forms the basis of our decision-making process. Access to up-to-date information and knowledge of alternative  points of view can make the difference between whether WE and therefore our civilization survives, or becomes extinct.

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