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Could Gulf Cataclysmic Disaster Get Even Worse?

Posted by feww on May 2, 2010


WARNING: An earthquake, underwater landslide, ‘implosion,’ collapse or significant turbulence in the ruptured oil well or on the seabed could potentially trigger a catastrophic chain reaction damaging nearby oil wells

We could potentially have a situation where most, perhaps even the entire sea surface, of the Gulf of Mexico has been  covered in oil.

It’s high time, the President committed every single national asset available to saving the Gulf of Mexico from possible death.

An image of oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico acquired on 30 Apr 10 at 23:51UTC. Credit CSTARS.
Satellite images show the surface area of the oil spill has almost tripled in size in 24 hours. Click image to enlarge.

Mississippi Canyon 252- NOAA forecast for oil spill location and size. Click image to enlarge.

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Are you ready for more major disasters? A large fire, perhaps?

8 Responses to “Could Gulf Cataclysmic Disaster Get Even Worse?”

  1. L. Steven Spak said

    Live here on the gulf coast of Florida, did an INSECT SURVEY this morning, there are no bugs, even the ants were spiders either… was partying in the country last evening and there were NO MOSQUITOES or GNATS..THAT AIN’T NORMAL…..we have been having strange T-storms everyday…am worried the toxins are evaporating and coming back down in the rain…Am directly northeast of the crude oil blobs and the winds are from the southeast…..the locals ’round here are not aware of the dangers…LIVE-JACKSON COUNTY, FL….

  2. Larry Spak said

    Drill, Baby, Drill..that is drill holes into the ground and create “Habitats for the Humans”….deep within the earth…
    When the oil spill expands to all corners of the oceans it will create a FILM of OIL that will eventually sterilize the seas of all sea life, except sharks will be the last to go..this due to PLANKTON annilhilation…the loss of oceanic filtration will lead to extreme CO/2 levels..and depletion of OXYGEN in the air we breathe… land creatures will struggle for air and humans will need Air Tanks to survive..I got my Yorkie one yesterday…I’m here just north of Panama City Florida,things are going crazy here… Dead Dolphins andjellyfish are washing up on shore…as CO/2 levels rise the barren ice caps will be 130 degrees in the winter…300mph tornadoes will be common and 50 miles wide…”STAY UNDERGROUND,BABY, STAY UNDERGROUND” (copyrighted by me) farming will be impossible, radiation levels astronomical… most land creatures will perish except for giant flying cockroaches searching for humans to eat…I’ll have mine with Paul Newman BBQ sauce and more of those cave grown portobello mushrooms, oh and more moss salad, Please…when the California size burning oil fire reaches here in The florida panhandle it will melt the oil saturated beaches into asphalt…no more pesky fireants, gnats, mosquitos, lovebugs, ticks, fleas, bees, butterflies, etc..I’m applying for a GIANT FLYING COCKROACH HUNTING LICENSE later today in Tallahasse

  3. […] Could Gulf Cataclysmic Disaster Get Even Worse? […]

  4. […] Could Gulf Cataclysmic Disaster Get Even Worse? […]

  5. […] Could Gulf Cataclysmic Disaster Get Even Worse? […]

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