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Oil Spill Attack on America – UPDATE May 3

Posted by feww on May 3, 2010

We’re dealing with a massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster—Obama

“The oil that is still leaking from the well could seriously damage the economy and the environment of our Gulf states.

“And it could extend for a long time. It could jeopardize the livelihoods of thousands of Americans who call this place home.” Mr Obama added.

We know that, Mr President. Why aren’t you doing something about it?

Deepwater Horizon Trajectory Map May 2. Click image to enlarge.

Projected oil trajectory for May 4. Source: NOAA/DOI. Click image to enlarge.

BP’s Mississippi Canyon 252 oil leak- NOAA forecast for location and size of oil spill, May 3. Click image to enlarge.


“NOAA is restricting fishing for a minimum of ten days in federal waters most affected by the BP oil spill, largely between Louisiana state waters at the mouth of the Mississippi River to waters off Florida’s Pensacola Bay. The closure is effective immediately,”the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in a statement.

“The scenario is a very grave scenario. You’re looking at potentially 90 days before you ultimately get to what is the ultimate solution.”  Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. [Could you say that one more time?]

Gov. Robert Riley has ordered the National Guard to construct barriers against the oil slick drifting toward Alabama because, he said, about 80% of  boom laid down off the gulf coast had destroyed  by  rough seas.

When asked why there was no plan to deal with the disaster at the oil well,  BP PLC Chairman Lamar McKay said it “seemed inconceivable” that equipment installed to avert a blowout would fail.

Seafood Quality

“Although crude oil has the potential to taint seafood with flavors and odors caused by exposure to hydrocarbon chemicals, the public should not be concerned about the safety of seafood in the stores at this time.” FDA said in a statement Dated April 30, 2010.

Just How Many Birds Are Out There in the Coastal Marshlands

No one told the birds to stay behind the boom line. Then again, it makes precious little difference because the waves easily push the oil over the boom and deposit the stick stuff on the beaches. Further, Gov. Robert Riley of Alabama says about 80% of  boom laid down off the coast have been broken down. Image credit: Sean Gardner/Greenpeace handout/via Reuters. Click image to enlarge.

Oil Stats:

  • How many Active Platforms in GOM? See image below.
  • How Many Active Leases? There were 7,310 leases in March 2008.
  • How Much Crude Oil  in the Damaged Well? Up to 250 million BOE [Fire-Earth estimate.]
  • GOM Oil as a Percentage of Total US Output: 25%, deepwater operations account for 18% (2007).
    [If you are reprinting Fire-Earth data published here, please quote source in case clarification is needed.]

NOAA map of
the northern Gulf of Mexico showing about 4,000 active oil and gas platforms (July 2006). Click image to enlarge.

What GOM Oil Sill Looks Like (close up)

Gulf’s crude stream. Image credit: Chris Graythen, Getty Images. Image may be subject to copyright. Click image to enlarge.

Quote for the Day: “Buffett ‘n’ BP”

In the same way the Artifact of America (Oracle of Omaha) is staunchly defending the Wall Street Gangsters, Goldmn Sachs for their self-indulgence, he should defend the pirates of the Gulf, BP, for their greed—Blog reader C.B.

The damage is not just about birds and fish, it’s also about people. Blog reader KBD

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8 Responses to “Oil Spill Attack on America – UPDATE May 3”

  1. Carl B said

    BP continues to deny any knowledge of problems.

    BP Petroleum is first a member of an elite group of companies whose members include people like David Rockefeller who want global depopulation at any costs.

    [Can you support your statement about “global depopulation” by providing reliable sources? Moderator]

    Was this an attack on America? Not only America but all people on earth.

    [When the Collapse begins, David Rockefeller like everyone else would be in nature’s crosshairs. Only the most ethical individuals may be spared. Moderator.]

    When you dig deep into this story what you will find is GREED at its basist level, Not caring for anyone to get what they want.

    Control of people is at the core of this attack.

    [Are you suggesting that people are NOT currently 100 percent under the control of the establishment? Moderator]

    This was no accident.

    [Drilling in deepwater is up to 20 times more hazardous than in shallow waters—Blog Estimate—which makes the entire operation illegitimate and criminal. The tragedy in the GOM was caused as a result of incompetence/carelessness of BP team, and the government failure to monitor—criminal negligence. It’s possible, however, that the blowout was caused by an act of sabotage carried out by Haliburton, or by Haliburton employees on behalf of a third party, for the monopolistic control of world’s oil and gas supplies by way of eliminating competition – BP is world’s 2nd largest oil & gas company. See Moderator.]

    Accidents do not prepare in advance to protect ones interest in the BP shares sell off three days before the massive disaster.

    [Again, can you support the above statement with sources/facts/references? Moderator]

    The coverup is astounding for people not to be outraged at what this disaster actually means and what it is going to do into the next few days – months – years – decades – centuries – and possibly millennium.

    [A century you don’t have? See blog content. Moderator]

    BPs fix of Corexit is banned by nations and by The EPA in America yet BP uses this chemical dispersant without regard to laws and the lives it will kill.

    COREXIT will kill millions and I am not talking about wildlife. Once Corexit gets into the water it does not break up the oil , it only makes it heavier so that it floats to the bottom so people can not see it ands it appears that the problem has gone away.

    [Can you provide some data about the mortality rate you have referred to above? Moderator.]

    Corexit when it evaporates will come down as toxic rain over much of the Guld States. The effects will be worse than Three Mile Island, Chernobal combined by One Thousand – Ten Thousand times Greater.

    [Can you provide sources/data for the levels of toxicity? Moderator.]

    People will die from gruesome deaths caused by this chemical. Tumors – Cancers – Internal Bleeding and Severe Birth defects areall a part of Corexit affects on Biological Units (Humans and Wildlife).

    [Can you provide sources/references on how you arrived at this conclusion? Moderator.]

    BP continues to use poeple’s help to cleanup a disaster which can not be effectively cleaned up in the manner in which they are doing.

    There is only one determination. That BP does not want to fix the problem, just add more problems that can not be fixed so readily.

    BP knew exactly what they were doing and all the causes and effects.

    [Can you provide a source/references on how you arrived at this conclusion? Moderator.]

    BP uses people to so call clean up the Goo Loike Oily mess, without giving workers suitable protective gear to keep them to subcumming to the same fate as those people who cleaned up the EXON Valdez disaster. The average age of each person at death according a report was 51 years. Everyone who worked on this project is now dead.

    [Can you provide a link to the report you have referred to? Moderator.]

    According to BP there is minimal damage to wildlife and to the sea floor and everything is going to be repaired. Let me ask you this…

    When you have ruptured the crust of the earth at the Mantle and have tapped into a Volcano how are you going to plug the hole?
    [Can you provide a link for the above statement? Moderator.]

    This is what BP has done. According to NOAA, The Sea Floor rupture is eaith [What’s this word? Moderator] miles wide and growing by the day. There is magma flowing to the surface at fractures.

    [Can you provide a link to the statement by NOAA? Moderator.]

    The toxic gases being released alone from the sea floors vents will account for millions of deaths plus the deaths related to COREXIT.

    [Can you provide a link to the source where you quote the above statement from? Moderator.]

    BP continues to HIDE – EVADE And use tactics that The Germany would have been proud of during second world war.

    Our seas will die around the world if this flow is not capped.

    [While it would be likely that the leak could permanently damage/destroy the Gulf of Mexico, the scale of devastation is unlikely to extend globally. Again, you are sourcing this information without providing any link. Moderator. ]

    The only possibly solution is using a nuclear devise to stop the flow and if this does not work – God help us all.

    [Do you have a scientific, engineering or otherwise technical background? What makes you think a nuclear detonation might work? Moderator.]

    IF sea water gets into the firey chambers of the volvano, then a tidal wave up to 200 feet will rush across the peninsula of Florida and kill everyone and everything. The build up of steam will cause the sea floor to rise and fall that a massive wave will cover nearly the entire State.
    [Do you have a scientific, engineering or otherwise technical background? What makes you think the above events might occur? Where are you sourcing the statement from? Moderator.]

    All this an Washington does not have enough teeth to Stop BP from doing what they are doing that viltyae [What’s this word? Moderator] US Laws.

    BPs thugs continue to confiscate Film Footage and arrest people who are taking pictures of dead wildlife, the toxic goo on the beaches and are making a media blackout of this event.

    OILbama is allowing BP to use Military Tactics of intimidation against American Citizens, Threatening them with God knows what if they do not stop taking pictures and Documenting these events.

    BP should be shut down and immediately taken over by the US Government in US Operations.

    [Who do you recommend as the military commander, Gen Puke-a-lot? Moderator]

    Using Boilogical detergents is the only safe way to correct this disaster when it reaches land.

    [Boilogical detergents? Who says? Moderator]

    MILLIONS – Up To 2.5 – 4 MILLION GALLONS of Raw Material are surfacing daily from the Gulf , Not the Poultry few thousands that BP is reporting.

    [Fire-Earth has already provided a reasonably accurate estimate for the rate at which the oil is spewing into the Gulf. Moderator.]

    BP and WA DC wants you to believe a LIE…

    If you live in The Gulf region and can get out now, You Must leave to save your life and the lives of your families and friends. If you do not believe me, go online and do your own research and I believe that you too will come to the same conclusion as I have.

    [What makes you think other parts of the country, or elsewhere in the world would be any safer? Moderator.]

    IT IS NOT SAFE IN THE GULF STATE REGIONS and there are people who are not telling you the facts. The entire region could be under total Marshall Law in a matter of months.

    [What makes you think other parts of the country, or elsewhere in the world would be any safer/ different? Moderator.]

    COREXIT IS DEATH TO PEOPLE AND WILDLIFE yet BP continues to spray this chemical over homes. If you suffer from affects from this Chemical, I hope you take seriously what I am telling you and SUE BP with all your friends over and above their promised amount of claim payouts.

    This Catastrophe will take your life if you stay in the Gulf. It’s is not IF, it is when.

    [What makes you think other parts of the country, or elsewhere in the world would be any safer/ different? Moderator.]

    Over one third of all life in the seas will die from this event and millions of people will also die.

    [The statements made about collapse and 6th Great Extinction by the blog moderators and colleagues at EDRO are based on dynamical, energy, environmental and statistical modeling. What are the sources for the statements you have made here? Moderator.]

    [Finally, and judging by the email address you have provided, aren’t you in property sales/ real estate business? Moderator.]

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