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Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak – Detailed Satellite Image

Posted by feww on May 4, 2010

BP Oil Well in Gulf of Mexico Continues to Bleed Crude Oil

Heavy oil colors the surface of the Gulf of Mexico in this detailed satellite image, acquired by the ASTER on NASA’s Terra satellite on May 1, 2010. The image is made from both visible and infrared light, but the slick looks similar to a natural color image made solely from visible light. The heaviest oil is silver with slightly lighter concentrations radiating out in streaks of white. The water is black, though even the dark water is tainted with white, hinting at oil on the water’s surface throughout the image. Image and Caption: NASA. Click image for larger, detailed image.

Selected Reading

“BP oil spill 2010 news is revealing that BP is trying to offer settlements to some residents in Alabama. The BP oil spill is not their accident, according to BP CEO Tony Hayward, and now it appears that they are trying to get Alabama residents to agree to settlements that might be far less than they would get in a law suit. Some of the settlement agreements that BP is shopping around to coastline residents in Alabama stipulate that they will get a one-time payment of up to $5,000 in exchange for the residents giving up the right to sue the company. This could also mean that some of the offers are well below that $5,000 threshold, and it has already angered the Alabama attorney general.”  More …

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4 Responses to “Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak – Detailed Satellite Image”

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  2. ICR said

    The oilmass grows like a joyous cancer full of many new kinds of life. Welcome to happy motoring.

    It’s time to drive to a slicker, browner future: put your keys in the ignition because Big Oil needs your dollars to make more oily art – gorgeous rainbow-coloured sheens to embarrass the likes of Van Gogh and Matisse.

    For those who have already contributed, thank you for your kind support!

  3. […] Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak – Detailed Satellite Image […]

  4. […] Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak – Detailed Satellite Image […]

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