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NO New Offshore Drilling: Schwarzenegger Sees the Light

Posted by feww on May 4, 2010

Schwarzenegger nixes new offshore drilling  plan

The hell with the wages of sin, I ain’t ‘alloween’ NO new ‘dreellin,’ or words to that effect—Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger may not be as suave  as the President, but he sure as oil spill is a lot smarter, and knows how catastrophe is spelled when he sees one made earlier. [He knows that California stands to lose more money from an offshore oil disaster,  than it would make from the royalties, if the new leases went ahead.]

I smell oil executives!

“It will not happen here in California.” Schwarzenegger said at a press conference. “If I have a choice between the $100 million [for state parks] and what I see in the Gulf of Mexico, I’d rather just figure out how to make up for that $100 million.”

Schwarzenegger had been very keen on a new oil drilling proposal called the ‘Tranquillon Ridge project,” as means of raising cash for the state’s federal parks amid a massive $18.6 billion budget deficit.

The project would have been California’s first new oil lease in 40 years. It proposed to drill new off Santa Barbara County from an existing platform. But the Governor says he has seen enough, and won’t allow new drilling.

“The governor has said he supported Tranquillon Ridge only as a last-ditch measure amid the state’s worst financial crisis in decades. And on Monday, he said even that support came only after ‘numerous studies’ showed how safe the drilling would be. Then, he said, he watched the news this weekend.” A report said.

“All of you have seen, when you turn on your televisions, the devastation in the Gulf,” he said. “I’m sure that they were also assured that it is safe to drill.”

Meanwhile, Gov. Schwarzenegger was quoted as saying on Monday, he would mount a vigorous defense of his landmark environmental legislation, vowing to “push back” against “greedy oil companies who want to keep polluting in our state.”

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