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E. coli sickens at least 19 people, 3 critical

Posted by feww on May 7, 2010

Lettuce sold in 23 states and the District of Columbia have been recalled due to E.coli

Freshway Foods of Sidney, Ohio, is recalling romaine lettuce sold under the Freshway and Imperial Sysco label due to possible link to an E.coli outbreak.

The lettuce is being recalled from 23 states and the D.C. because an E. coli outbreak has sickened at least 19 people, 3 of them in critical condition.

At least 12 people had been hospitalized, with 10 other cases linked to the outbreak, the FDA said.

“College students at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Ohio State in Columbus and Daemen College in Amherst, N.Y., are among those affected, according to local health departments in those states.” AP reported.

The FDA is suspects that lettuce grown in Arizona may be a possible source for the outbreak.

The lettuce was sold in Alabama, Connecticut, the D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

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GoM Oil Disaster – UPDATE May 7

Posted by feww on May 7, 2010

Can you hear me, Major Tom?

Ground Control to Major Tom: Your Gulf Coast’s dead, there’s something wrong

Planet Earth was blue, and there’s nothing we can do!

This is Ground Control to Major Tom: We’ve really fucked up, can you go round another hundred thousand times?

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Observed From the International Space Station

Astronaut photograph from May 4 provides a different viewing perspective on the ongoing spill in the Gulf. The image is oblique, meaning that it was taken from a sideways viewing angle from the International Space Station (ISS), rather than from a “straight down” (or nadir) view, which is typical of automated satellite sensors. The view in this image is towards the west; the ISS was located over the eastern edge of the Gulf of Mexico when the image was taken.

The Mississippi River Delta and nearby Louisiana coast (image top) appear dark in the sunglint that illuminates most of the image. Sunglint is caused by sunlight reflecting off the water surface—much like a mirror—directly back towards the astronaut observer on the Space Station. The sunglint improves the identification of the oil spill. Oil on the water smoothes the surface texture, and the mirror-like reflection of the Sun accentuates the difference between the smooth, oil-covered water (dark to light gray ) and the rougher water of the reflective ocean surface (colored silver to white). Wind and water currents patterns have modified the oil spill’s original shape into streamers and elongated masses. Among the coastal ecosystems threatened by the spill are the Chandeleur Islands (image right center).  Astronaut photograph ISS023-E-32397. Caption: NASA.  [Edited for brevity.]

An aerial view of the oil leaked from the Deepwater Horizon wellhead, May 6, 2010.  Handout via Reuters/Daniel Beltra. Click image to enlarge.

BP says it will “pay all necessary and appropriate clean-up costs [sic.]”

Attorneys general from five Gulf coast states have written BP asking the company to explain which claims it will pay from the Gulf oil spill and what its intention are concerning how the payments are made.

Alabama Attorney General Troy King said the five attorneys general were  seeking detailed answers about the company’s promise to “pay all necessary and appropriate clean-up costs.”

“We don’t know what is a legitimate claim. That’s lawyer speak at a time when we need straight talk and clear answers,” King told reporters at a news conference.

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The Neanderthal Within [and among] US

Posted by feww on May 7, 2010

Fire Earth Moderators have always maintained that some human behavior is more akin to Neanderthal ancestry than others!

A new scientific study now confirms that most people have Neanderthal ancestry.

Up to 4% of genomes of people in Eurasia come from Neanderthals, the study says.

Is the extent of our ecological footprint on the planet directly related to our genetic makeup? That remains to be answered.

The Following is a Public Information Release by: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Neandertal genome sequence published in Science

Results reveal genetic differences between Neandertals and modern humans, and suggest some interbreeding

This press release is available in German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

An international research team has sequenced the Neandertal genome, using pill-sized samples of bone powder from three Neandertal bones found in a cave in Croatia. The results appear in the 7 May issue of the journal Science, which is published by AAAS, the nonprofit science society.

The researchers, led by Svante Pääbo of the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, compared the Neandertal genome with the genomes of five present-day humans from different parts of the world. The results reveal a variety of genes that are unique to humans, including a handful that spread rapidly among our species after humans and Neandertals split from a common ancestor. These findings thus offer a shortlist of genomic regions and genes that may be key to our human identity.

At home in Eurasia. Neandertals ranged from Europe to southern Siberia. Source: AAAS

The scientists also found that modern humans and Neandertals most likely interbred, to a small extent, probably as modern humans encountered Neandertals in the Middle East, after leaving Africa.

“Having a first version of the Neandertal genome fulfills a long-standing dream. For the first time we can now identify genetic features that sets us apart from all other organisms, including our closest evolutionary relatives,” said Pääbo.

“We have so many questions about the Neandertals, not the least of which is, how much were they like us? The Neandertal genome promises to be a fruitful source of information about the evolutionary events that produced modern humans and Neandertals,” said Andrew Sugden, Deputy and International Managing Editor at Science.

Neandertals are our closest evolutionary relatives. They first appeared around 400,000 years ago, ranged across Europe and western Asia, and became extinct approximately 30,000 years ago.

This picture shows three bones (Vi33.16, Vi33.25, Vi33.26) from Vindija cave, Croatia. Most of the Neandertal genome sequence was retrieved from these bones. View a larger version of this image [Image courtesy of Max-Planck-Institute EVA; © Science/AAAS]

The draft Neandertal genome sequence being reported in Science represents about 60 percent of the entire genome. The genetic material that was sequenced came from single bones from three individual Neandertals.

The sequencing effort involved multiple steps to deal with the challenges of sequencing ancient DNA. The researchers removed as little material as possible from the bones, using a delicate dentist’s drill so as not to damage the fossils, and they conducted their lab research using sterile “clean-room” conditions, to avoid contaminating the material with DNA from present-day humans and other organisms. They also weeded out the much more abundant microbial DNA that had colonized the bones since the individuals died.

Modern humans and Neandertals are so closely related that a comparison of their genomes must take into account the fact that for any particular part of the genome, a single modern human and a single Neandertal could be more similar to each other than two modern humans would be.

Most of what we know about genetic variation among humans today is based on European populations. Seeking a broader picture, Pääbo and his colleagues sequenced the genomes of five present-day humans from southern Africa, West Africa, Papua New Guinea, China and France, and compared the Neandertal genome to the genomes of these individuals.

The Neandertal genome sequence proved to be slightly more similar to those of the non-African individuals.

More specifically, at any randomly chosen point in the genome where the sequence of two of the modern-day humans differed, there was a slightly higher chance that the Neandertal genome matched that of the non-African individual than the African one. (In a supporting line of evidence, the authors report that Craig Venter’s recently published genome sequenced contains segments that are closer to those of the Neandertal genome than to those of the human “reference” genome, which includes a mixture of DNA of African and European ancestry.)

Though other explanations are possible, one of the simplest scenarios is that early modern humans interbred with Neandertals in the Middle East, after leaving Africa and before spreading into Eurasia.

A map showing the four archaeological sites and the approximate dates (years B.P.) from which bones were used. Source: AAAS

Approximately 1 to 4 percent of the modern human genome seems to be from Neandertals, the authors estimate. Population models have suggested that when a colonizing population comes across a resident population, even a small amount of interbreeding can be widely reflected in the colonizing populations’ genome, if that population then expands significantly. Thus, the relatively low percentage of Neandertal DNA in the modern human genome may suggest that interbreeding was actually fairly limited.

The comparisons between the Neandertal and modern humans also produced many other results that may ultimately be more important than the admixture discovery when it comes to giving us a better understanding of ourselves.

“It’s cool to think that some of us have a little Neandertal DNA in us, but, for me, the opportunity to search for evidence of positive selection that happened shortly after the two species separated is probably the most fascinating aspect of this project,” Pääbo said.

His team devised a method to look for regions of the modern-human genome where new genes have spread through the population since the two species diverged. These genes are likely to have somehow improved early humans’ odds for survival or reproduction.

The researchers screened the genomes of five modern-day humans from around the world to look for genomic regions with sequence variations that occur frequently in humans but not in Neandertals, suggesting human-specific selection. Any variation shared with Neandertals would presumably have been lost from these regions as the new genes swept through the early modern human population. The team found 212 regions with such variation. Among the 20 regions with the strongest evidence for positive selection were three genes that, when mutated, affect mental and cognitive development. These genes have been implicated in Down syndrome, schizophrenia and autism.

Other regions in this list of 20 included a gene involved in energy metabolism, and another that affects the development of the cranial skeleton, the clavicle and the rib cage.

“In all these cases it requires much, much more work. This is really just hints at what genes one should now study, and I’m sure we and many other groups will be doing that,” Pääbo said.

The researchers also used the Neandertal genome to produce the first version of a catalog of genetic features that exist in all humans today but are not found in Neandertals or apes. This catalog will be valuable for scientists who study what sets humans apart from other organisms.

In a companion paper appearing in the same issue of the journal, another research team with many of the same authors and also led by Pääbo present a new technique to sequence select regions of the Neandertal genome from especially degraded Neandertal remains. Using a “target sequence capture” approach, the authors sharpened their focus on the protein-coding regions within several pieces of the genome of another Neandertal individual from Spain. They identified 88 amino acid substitutions that have become fixed in humans since our divergence from the Neandertals. More research will be necessary to determine how these changes may have affected human biology.

Contact: Natasha Pinol
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Reader note that the spelling used by AAAS is Neandertal.

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Eyjafjallajökull Eruption – UPDATE May 7

Posted by feww on May 7, 2010

Fire-Earth Forecasts a Large Explosion at Eyjafjallajökull Glacier, Possibly Soon

New Ash Cloud Grounds Flights

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), the body responsible for Irish airspace, has imposed flight restrictions at six of Ireland’s airports from 00:00UTC on Friday, citing risks from new volcanic ash cloud.

The flight bans are at Shannon, Donegal, Knock, Galway, Kerry and Sligo airports , which will remain shut until at least  12:00UTC on Friday, May 7, 2010.

The new ash cloud from the ongoing eruption at Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull Glacier volcano  was penetrating the Irish airspace along the west coast of Ireland, the IAA reported.

“The restrictions are required as the increased level of recent volcanic activity has created a massive ash cloud stretching 1,000 miles long and 700 miles wide,” an IAA spokesperson told reporters.

Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull Volcano began a fresh round of explosive ash eruptions in the first week of May. On the morning of May 6, 2010, MODIS on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this view of a thick plume of ash blowing east and then south from the volcano.  Ash clouds can have a dramatic influence on air quality and vegetation, including crops. In Iceland, the ash from Eyjafjallajokull has settled thickly on the ground, posing a threat to livestock and wildlife. Image and Caption NASA. [Edited for brevity.] Download large image (880 KB, JPEG)

Recent Status [IMO and Webcams]

  • Explosive activity has been increasing since May 4, 2010.
  • Ash plume shooting higher, reaching up to 9km (30,000 feet) a.s.l.
  • Tephra fallout on the rise.
  • “Considerable ashfall at Þykkvabæjarklaustur in Álftaver (at a distance of 65-70 km), (everything has turned black). It has not been established whether the ash cloud south of Eyjafjallajökull is ashfall or ash that has already fallen and is being blown from the ground.” IMO said.
  • “Discharge from Gígjökull decreases further and meltwater seems to be running from the eastern side of the glacier. This is different from Tuesday’s meltwater were water was running from the west side. Lava flow might be changing the direction of meltwater flow. Such changes should be taken seriously with regard to possible outbursts due to accumulation of meltwater.”
  • Earthquakes occurring at a rate of about 1 per hour (average M2., largest 2.2Mw).
    [should start packing your bags if the frequency reaches 3-5 per hour and the magnitude rises above 3.3Mw. FEWW]
  • Eruption appears to be ongoing.
  • No measurable geophysical changes within the Katla volcano reported.
  • System chaos is increasing,  rather than decreasing.

Volcanic Ash Advisory from London – Issued graphics

Click image to enlarge.

Earthquake location   07 May 15:05 GMT [IMO]

© Veðurstofa Íslands. Click image to enlarge.

Freeze Frame
Eyjafjallajökull Hvolsvöllur Webcam (15:30UTC). Fire-Earth estimates the plume to be reaching a height of about 7km a.s.l. Click image to enlarge.

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Resurgence of Satanic Cultism Linked to “End Times”

Posted by feww on May 7, 2010

Our Thanks to TEAA, D.H. C.B. and others for providing the links

A Renaissance in Satanic Cult Practice May Be Related to Perception of “End Times”

A Ku Klux Klan leader pleaded guilty to murdering a female recruit Louisiana,  numerous people vanish without a trace in New Zealand, a man is viciously murdered and his body mutilated in New Zealand, Korean student beheaded with a spade, man attacked by “vampires” …

Satanic Initiations and Practices: Louisiana, USA

Raymond Foster, 45, from Bogalusa, Louisiana murdered a female recruit just a day after an initiation rite in  Louisiana in 2008. town was sentenced to life in prison for second-degree murder of Cynthia Lynch.

He shot and killed Cynthia Lynch, 43, a Klan recruit from Tulsa, Okla., in November 2008, the day after initiation rites in rural St. Tammany Parish, about 50 miles north of New Orleans because she shouted “I want out.”

Photo provided by St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office shows Raymond Foster of Bogalusa, La., who pleaded guilty Wednesday, May 5, 2010 to killing an Oklahoma woman during a Ku Klux Klan initiation in November 2008. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for second-degree murder of Cynthia Lynch, a Klan recruit, by state District Judge Peter Garcia. St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, via AP.

His victim Cynthia Lynch is shown in this October 2005 photo provided by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. She was shot and killed by Raymond Foster of Bogalusa, La., on Sunday, Nov. 9, 2008, in St. Tammany Parish, La., as part of a Ku Klux Klan initiation that went awry. Photo: Oklahoma Department of Corrections/via AP.

Satanic Practices in New Zealand

Wellington – The Attack of ‘Vampires’

A man was attacked and bitten by three people, two male and a female, and had his blood drunk in an alleged vampire-style attack at night on Wellington’s Mt Victoria, a report said. The attack on February 20, 2010.

Two men and a woman have now been charged with an equally bizarre crime of “wounding with intent to render a man unconscious,” a charge that carries a maximum penalty of 14 years, the report said.

‘Vampire’ No. 1. JAMES PHILLIP BROOKS [He calls himself himself as “the.vampire.marius”]

‘Vampire’ No. 1. JAMES PHILLIP BROOKS: “Do I look like a vampire? I’m out during the daytime,” Brooks said outside the court. Credit: KENT BLECHYNDEN/The Dominion Post. Image may be subject to copyright.

Brooks acknowledge that he had drunk the victim’s blood, but said: “That wasn’t me.

“Do I look like a vampire? I’m out during the day time. I may look like a punk but I’m not a punk. I’m just different,” he told The Dominion Post.

“Yeah, I bit a guy … he hit on my missus. My girlfriend and my mate were biting him. I was angry with him, so I used it as an excuse.

“I didn’t bite him to hurt him. I bit him because I was pissed off with him and he was my mate and I didn’t want to hurt him.

“If I’d hit him, I’d have really hurt him, so I thought I’ll bite him seeing as they’re already biting him.

“[Drinking blood] wasn’t my agenda, I was just angry …”

Orr, who appeared in court yesterday, allegedly has a Facebook page where he refers to himself as “the.vampire.marius”

The victim, a teenager, spent a week in hospital fighting infection and fever, according to reports.

“A source close to the victim’s family told the Dominion Post that he had suffered serious bites on his neck and chest in the attack, and one of them became infected.”

“It is a disgrace the [alleged] perpetrators are making this out to be something minor that has been exaggerated,” the source said.


‘Vampire’ No. 2. XENIA GREGORIANA BORICHEVSKY: Borichevsky’s lawyer said she had recently “got mixed up with a certain company.” KENT BLECHYNDEN/The Dominion Post.Image may be subject to copyright.

Borichevsky’s original bail conditions a “night-time curfew.”  Her lawyer said: She had no previous convictions and had only recently arrived in New Zealand [from Transylvania?] where she had “got mixed up with a certain company.”

New Zealand Police refused to discuss any details of the case, citing the usual excuse of “the matter is before the courts.”
“Wellington Hospital emergency medicine specialist Paul Quigley said the human mouth contained millions of bacteria, was dirtier than that of a dog or cat and both the person bitten and the biter were at high risk of catching diseases.” The report said.

“You often see it when people punch someone in the mouth and the victim’s tooth goes into their knuckle.

“That wound normally gets infected.”

Notice to Vampire-wannabes: Drinking blood could cause hepatitis C or HIV infection.

Victoria University psychology senior lecturer Marc Wilson, who studies evil, said human teeth are not designed to pierce skin enough to drink blood, the report said.

Wilson who studies cover paranormal beliefs, psychopathy, narcissism and “general evil-ness” said drinking human blood was “incredibly unusual.”

“Vampire culture was experiencing a renaissance at present, he said. But its popularity had come and gone in waves over ‘decades, if not centuries.'” The report said.

‘Vampire’ No. 3.

A third ‘vampire,’ James Eric Orr, 19, is now a fugitive.

Unexplained Deaths – Christchurch New Zealand

The bodies of 3 Korean Women were discovered in a  suburban house in Russley, Christchurch, New Zealand. The police have so far refused to say how the three, a mother and her two teenage daughters were killed.  Were they the victims of satanic abuse? We may never know.

The dead females were Sung Eun Cho, 43, and her teenage daughters Yeon Jae Baek, 17, known as Holly, and Yeon Sue Baek, 13, known as Kelly.

The two teenager were described as “lively,” “talented” and “popular.”

“The 17-year-old daughter was very talented, pleasant and always polite to other people.”

St Andrew’s College rector Chris Leighton, where the two teenagers studied,  described Holly, who was in year 13, and Kelly, who was in year 8, as popular pupils, a report said.

Missing in New Zealand Without a Trace

Another Woman Gone Missing in New Zealand

Was the missing New Zealand woman Emma Campbell another victim of Satanic abuse ? Why haven’t the police released her photo?

Marice McGregor Missing

What happened to Ms McGregor? How could she disappear without a trace?

Police in Whanganui are searching for Marice McGregor  who has been missing  since 29 April, 2010.

Another Chinese Boy Murdered, Presumed Missing?

Sixteen-year-old Chunji Gao, also known as Gary has not been seen for 20 days. Was he, too, a victim satanic cults?

Chunji Gao, 16,  left his home in suburban Botany on April 16, and has not been seen since.

What Happened to Jessica Chun?

Yoon Suk Chun, a slimly built 58-year-old Korean woman also known as Jessica Chun, not been seen since August 2009. She is/was married with children. She told family in Christchurch she was going away for a short holiday in the North Island, and then vanished into thin air. Was Jessica Chun a victim of Satanic cult rituals?

New Zealand: World’s Highest Rate of Missing Teens

A victim of Satanic cult rituals?

Leo Lipp-Neighbours left his friend’ flat in Nelson, New Zealand, on January 24  and has not been seen or heard from since. “Anonymous tipline Crimestoppers announced a $10,000 reward would be paid for ‘material information or evidence’ which leads to the locating of Leo and his orange Toyota Corolla station wagon.” according to a report. Was Leo a victim of Satanic cult rituals?

Chinse Woman Missing in New Zealand

Was Lucy Tang a Victim of Satanic Cult Rituals

Jun Nan Tang, also known as Lucy Tang, a Chinese woman living in New Zealand, left her West Auckland home on January 9, 2010 and has not been seen or heard of since.

According to a report, “Mrs Tang, 33, had intended to travel to Hamilton to look for work, possibly in a child care.”

Swedish tourist vanished after hospital visit

Annamaria Edgren was travelling through to Dunedin, New Zealand. She was described as medium height and build and with longish red hair. Ms Edgren, 77, “was last seen wearing a dark top and baggy cotton pants, and was carrying a grey wheelie bag with her.” She arrived at Rotorua Hospital yesterday morning at about 11am, and then vanished into thin air.

Olivia Rutherford Tragedy

Was Olivia Rutherford Victim of Satanic Cult Rituals?

Olivia R
Olivia Rutherford went missing on her way to a party on Friday February 14, 2010. Her body was recovered from Wellington Harbor 4 days later. New Zealand Police said her death was NOT suspicious. Video tribute.

Based on information received, Fire-Earth Moderators believe Olivia Rutherford may have been a victim of foul play, possibly Satanic abuse.

Auckland: OECD’s Top 3 Most Violent Cities

Vanessa Anne Pickering, 27, of New Brighton, New Zealand, was murdered, and her body “disfigured.”
The victim’s 7-year-old daughter was raped repeatedly.

The body of Cushla Rachael Braddock found

“Cushla Rachael Braddock. Her body was found 3 days after she went missing by the side of the Hutt River. Police says her death not suspicious [suspicious deaths occur so regularly in this country, the police farce no longer consider them as suspicious.] Photo released by NZ Police Farce.” Source

Another Indian Student Missing in New Zealand

Srikanth Rayadurgam, 23, an AUT student has been missing since October 1, 2009.

Srikanth Rayadurgam
MISSING PRESUMED “MURDERED.”  Srikanth Rayadurgam, 23, an Auckland University of Technology (AUT)  student, was last seen by his family around midday on October 1 when he left his Mt Albert home, Auckland, New Zealand. Like nearly all other victims in this report, Mr Rayadurgam‘s personal effects and wallet were found intact.

Another Tourist Missing in New Zealand

Kok Wong, 32, a Malaysian tourist,  has disappeared  from Aoraki Mount Cook village.

Wong was reported to the Lake Tekapo police station when he failed to catch his bus this morning at 10am.

He was  staying at the youth hostel where he was last seen yesterday afternoon, a report said.

Mr Wong had expressed an interest  to visit the Red Tarns Track and The Hooker Valley, or so the police insists, desperate for a cover story.

He was not properly equipped for the visit,  police said, and as the whether is expected to deteriorate tonight and tomorrow, the worst should be expected.

Mr Kok Wong’s personal items and luggage were found in his room, police said, adding that his bed had not been slept in overnight.

Another Asian Killed in New Zealand

Was Japanese male, Masashi Hayama, 22, a victim racial murder, or targeted for Satanic Cult rituals?

Another Dead Korean Found in New Zealand

New Zealand police found a body on believed to be that of missing Korean Hyung Jun Cho who went missing in December 2007.

Do you believe Jacek Grzybowski died accidentally?

Mr Grzybowski was reportedly killed [drowned?] when trying to cross a stream. The water was less than 20cm deep.

What happened to this woman?

In the last entry on her blog she wrote: “I’m 36 today and life is great!”

Photo: Irina Yun. © All rights reserved.

“Ms Yun, a Korean, was raised in Kazakhstan. She lived in Moscow before immigrating to New Zealand. She left her four-year-old daughter in Auckland and traveled alone to the South Island on Christmas Day. Her backpack was found in the Mount Aspiring National Park on Monday [January 5, 2009.]”

On or about November 19, 2009, police say a rescue dog handler and his dog “located a femur and pelvis bone in the river bed wedged in between some rocks approximately three kilometres down stream of the Dart Hut [which] the Dunedin Coroner, an anthropologist and pathologist” confirmed to be the remains of Ms Yun. [Moderators are reminded that the Coroner conducted NO DNA test.]

Satanic Murder – Nelson New Zealand

Shannon Brent Flewellen of Nelson, New Zealand, admitted to Murdering Korean Student Jae Hyeon Kim in 2003. A witness said he had calmly described to him how he had chopped the South Korean student’s head off with a spade.

Shannon Brent Flewellen
Shannon Brent Flewellen, a member of New Zealand satanic cult, chopped off the head of an Asian student with a spade in 2003.

His victim Jae Hyeon Kim who had arrived in New Zealand in February 2003, disappeared without a trace 7 months later in September 29. He was reported missing by his family in May 2004.

Mr Kim was beheaded with a spade after he was throttled in late 2003. He was buried for five years before the police was forced to search for his body after they received an anonymous tip. Mr Kim would have probably been alive still, had he not traveled to New Zealand. Source

Since January 2000, at least 1,850 foreigners have lost their lives in New Zealand. The current average stands at 2 deaths every 3 days. Many deaths go unreported. Source: Killed in New Zealand

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STOP the ‘political assaults,’ say 255 US scientists

Posted by feww on May 7, 2010


“The reality of anthropogenic climate change can no longer be debated on scientific grounds”

James Hurrell of the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research said.

“The imperative is to act aggressively to reduce carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels”

“When someone says that society should wait until scientists are absolutely certain before taking any action, it is the same as saying society should never take action,” the 255 scientists wrote in an open letter published by the journal Science.

“For a problem as potentially catastrophic as climate change, taking no action poses a dangerous risk for our planet,” they added, saying that they were deeply disturbed by “recent escalation of political assaults on scientists in general and on climate scientists in particular.”

Scientists conveyed the same message on Thursday before the U.S. House of Representatives panel on energy independence and climate change, a report said.

“The reality of anthropogenic climate change can no longer be debated on scientific grounds,” James Hurrell of the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research told the committee. “The imperative is to act aggressively to reduce carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels.”

The equation is simple and the longer you wait, the worse the conditions get: Power down now, or face large scale death and destruction—Fire-Earth

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