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Powerful M7.4 Earthquake Strikes N Sumatra

Posted by feww on May 9, 2010


M7.4 Earthquake Strikes Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Indonesian authorities have issued a tsunami alert

Fire-Earth does not believe a widespread tsunami could occur as a result of this quake because the shock struck at a depth of about 60km.

However, local tsunamis are possible within a 100km to 120km radius of the quake’s epicenter.

The earthquake struck offshore, at a depth of about 60km, some 220km (135 miles) south southeast of the of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, the US Geological Survey Earthquake Hazard Program said.

The  earthquake was epicentered near 3.728°N, 96.081°E, about 47km (29 miles) north northeast of the 9.2Mw earthquake, which triggered the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami killing an estimated 228,000 people.

10-degree Map Centered at 5°N,95°E

Earthquake Location Map. Source: USGS. Map enhanced by Fire-Earth.

Earthquake Details

  • Magnitude: 7.4  [USGS/EHP estimate]
  • Date-Tim:
    • Sunday, May 09, 2010 at 05:59:44 UTC
    • Sunday, May 09, 2010 at 12:59:44 PM at epicenter
  • Location: 3.728°N, 96.081°E
  • Depth: 61.4 km (38.2 miles)
  • Distances:
    • 200 km (125 miles) SW of Lhokseumawe, Sumatra, Indonesia
    • 220 km (135 miles) SSE of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia
    • 625 km (390 miles) W of KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia
    • 1620 km (1010 miles) NW of JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia
  • Location Uncertainty: horizontal +/- 6.3 km (3.9 miles); depth +/- 9.5 km (5.9 miles)
  • Source: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
  • Event ID:  us2010wbaq

At least 4 other significant earthquakes have struck Indonesia in the past 24 hours or so:

  1. Magnitude 6.1 – SUMBAWA REGION, INDONESIA – 2010 May 08 03:22:11 UTC
  2. Magnitude 5.0 – SUMBAWA REGION, INDONESIA – 2010 May 08 04:20:58 UTC
  3. Magnitude 5.6 – SULAWESI, INDONESIA – 2010 May 08 05:39:30 UTC
  4. Magnitude 5.5 – TIMOR SEA – 2010 May 09 02:02:38 UTC

Fire-Earth Forecast (Posted on May 6, 2010)

Fire-Earth Forecasts large scale volcanic activity in and around Sumatra Region in 2010 and beyond.

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