Fire Earth

Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

To the ‘Survivors’ of Man-made Planetary Cataclysms

Posted by feww on May 23, 2010

This blog has now been dedicated to the ‘survivors’ of the planetary collapse forced by man-made cataclysms

The blog Moderators believe that in less than a decade from now the total human population on Earth will fall below 200,000 people.

Most of the ‘survivors’ would be highly evolved, ethical and altruistic humans with the ability to overcome the immense difficulties they will have inherited . . .

Nevertheless, the Moderators believe by identifying the major man-made obstacles that stand in the way, they could, for their part, help to keep the flow of life on this planet uninterrupted.

The Moderators 

6 Responses to “To the ‘Survivors’ of Man-made Planetary Cataclysms”

  1. Lawrence S. said

    The survivors will be the rich and powerful, that will survive underground for mega-centuries, while the Earth is consumed by fire and poisoned by radiation….They may keep a DNA genetic pool for future seeding.. sort of a futuristic NOAH’s Ark…eventually their eyes will enlarge to gather light in the darkness, their skin will turn grey and their bodies will get real wimpy looking…after they invent time travel, they will revisit the prehistoric past like a Trip to Disneyland, being careful not to alter the events they see in the past, to prevent messing up their future world..but unfortunately for us humans here…it’s BBQ time…KNOWLEDGE IS A DEADLY FRIEND IF NO ONE SETS THE RULES…

  2. Joe L. said

    Corresponds with some numbers predicted in revelations. Dig it; a thousand years of peace! No word do describe evil.I have been planning for this scenario since I put two and two together. Hate to see it happen and how it shakes out, but living to witness the dawn of a new era is highly improbable,but I plan on been there to see it happen; if it happens at all.

    • feww said

      “Corresponds with some numbers predicted in revelations.”

      The margin of error swings from ZERO [total extinction] to about 500,000 survivors.

      “but I plan on [being] there to see it happen”

      A suitable entry qualification might read something like,

      “I’ll do everything humanly possible to protect as much life as possible!”

      You can be there, only if you have enough information on how and when to get there.

  3. Ahn said

    Any survivors would be the people who would have had warning…how altruistic is that? – ahn

    • feww said

      You’re entitled to your thoughts, of course, but imagine warning a shrimp on the Louisiana coast a week before the BP oil spill.

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