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BP ‘Top Kill’ Dead

Posted by feww on May 30, 2010

‘Top Kill’ Had Less Than Zero Percent Chance of Succeeding

But, it was a psychological game to re-establish the power domains and send a clear message as to who was actually in charge.

“We have not been able to stop the flow. We have made the decision to move on to the next option,” said Doug Suttles, BP Exploration and Productions chief operating officer in the U.S.

Image of the Day:

Redfish Bay in Louisiana’s birdsfoot delta turns black, May 27, 2010. Source: Gulf Restoration Network Handout (via Reuters).

Collapse Survivors Note:
The ultimate ethical expression would be to neutralize the politicians, industry executives and their chains of command responsible for crimes against nature. Corrective action against the wrongdoers should not be viewed as acts of “revenge,” or “punishment,” but as a necessary means of preventing repetitions of similar crimes.

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2 Responses to “BP ‘Top Kill’ Dead”

  1. New fissure cracks near, but far away from the drill site, are where the roof of the crude oil reservoir is “collapsing”…(sink hole effect)…when this “lid” falls in or blows out the poisonous crude will fill the gulf of mexico at an alarming rate…like a giant blender the sea will rush in and the oil out…Worse than this is that the poison GASEOUS vapors and oil droplets will escape into the atmosphere at hurricane/tornado speeds and suffocate large areas of oxygen breathing America without time to even evacuate…like a giant can of Raid on lil’ roaches….this could all happen within the next few minutes…

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