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Global Volcanoes Rehearsing?

Posted by feww on June 1, 2010

Submarine Volcano Erupts Near Sarigan Island

An underwater volcano off Sarigan Island, Northern Marianas, about 160km (100 miles) north of the island of Saipan erupted on Saturday sending a plume of steam and ash cloud into the air and showering  the ocean surface with volcanic debris, US officials reported on Monday.

“An EMO observer aboard an overflight yesterday reported a large area of debris floating in the sea south of the island, and a stationary area of discoloration in the water, presumably above the vent. The crew on Sarigan reported passage of a small wave (less than 0.5 m) following onset of the eruption yesterday.” USGS said.

However, satellite images show no sign of ongoing activity, USGS said.

“Seismicity at a single nearby station on Sarigan Island declined soon after the eruption of a large steam and ash cloud from a submarine vent 11 km (7 miles) south of Sarigan Volcano early yesterday. Satellite images show no sign of ongoing activity.”

Scientists had initially thought the volcanic cloud came from either of the Anatahan or Sarigan volcano, and later verified the source by the trail of debris and water discoloration close to the vent,  a USGS official said.

The Northern Mariana Islands are located about 6100km (3,800 miles) southwest of Hawaii.

Summary of Volcano Details (USGS):

  • Volcano Location: N 16 deg 42 min E 145 deg 46 min
  • Area: Mariana Islands
  • Summit Elevation: 1765 ft (538 m)
  • Volcanic Activity Summary: Seismicity and subaqueous eruptive activity have declined at Sarigan Volcano prompting reduction of the Aviation Color Code to YELLOW and the Volcanic Activity Level to ADVISORY.

Major Volcanoes of the Mariana Islands (USGS)

Click image to enlarge.

Barren Island

A M6.4 quake (11.119°N, 93.698°E) which struck close to Barren Island Monday, May 31, 2010 at 19:51:48 UTC, may have triggered the Andaman Sea volcano for eruption.

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7 Responses to “Global Volcanoes Rehearsing?”

  1. Was not aware that earthquake and volcano activity was increasing, so busy researching the oil mess in my backyard (40 miles away)…..let me know which articles to read and websites to follow…

  2. AK said

    How is it possible that the increase in global earthquakes and volcanic activity is caused by human generated environmental degradation?

    • feww said

      The answer depends on how you view the planet: Living, or lifeless!

    • Jack said

      It is not possible. It is insane to believe that global temp changes can effect the ocean floor… and deeper since the quakes happen 10+ km deep.

      • feww said

        Firstly, you’ll need to update your knowledge and understanding of how earthquakes occur. Search the internet using the obvious keywords like “earthquakes,” AS WELL AS “Causes of Earthquakes,” “tectonic plates,” “fault zone,” “plate boundaries,” “seduction” …

        Secondly, there are many other destructive forces at work on our planet in addition to climate change. Try the following
        1. Almost uninterrupted aerial bombardments somewhere on the planet in the past 70 or so years.
        2. Nuclear tests.
        3. More than ¼ of a million passenger and cargo planes landing somewhere on the palnet each day.
        4. Massive skyscrapers mushrooming in 100s of cities across the world.
        5. Depleting aquifers and underground water reserves.
        6. Constructing dozens of mega-monster structures like dams, bridges, tunnels…
        7. A billion and half cars, trucks, buses, trains … clocking up trillions of miles each day.
        8. Mining millions of tons of coal, oil and gas, as well as metals and minerals.
        9. Mountaintop removal.
        10. Transforming cities into unending metropolises.

        • jack said

          Yes… number 5 is a huge question I have. Ogallala is down the road. I sit at the edge of two other river aquafers as well.

          Water table has dropped. used to be just tens of feet down, now over a hundred. It is now a massive hollow spot that covers a quarter of the nation. And empty oil caverns, too!

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