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Warsaw Heavily Flooded

Posted by feww on June 5, 2010

Comment by a Reader in Poland:

“I don’t get it, why there’s no news about it around the world?”

Hey. I think  I should update you right about now:

Terrible storms invaded Poland since Wednesday night, the capital city is terribly flooded with just rain water (cars are whole under water in some places). With such huge amount of rain and rivers still full of flood from two weeks ago, ground cannot take any more water. And the second wave of flood is raging in, and we suspect there’s gonna be a third one.

Flooding in a suburb of Warsaw. Source: Onet.Pl. Image may be subject to copyright. See Fire-Earth Fair Use Notice.

We’re massively flooded, and I don’t get it, why there’s no news about it around the world? All I can read in US news in some sport superbowl or something.

Here you have photos: (click blue “nastepne” for next photo),21,0,pokaz.html

Fire Earth found only a brief mention of flooding by AP (CP) on the Internet:

In the Warsaw suburb of Piaseczno, water rose high enough in some places to nearly immerse cars. Firefighters used boats to navigate streets as they helped evacuate residents.

Sandomierz, a town in the country’s south that was among the worst-hit places last month, was bracing Friday for new floods.

Landslides also destroyed houses in some areas, including in Klodne, in southern Poland, where people have been trying to salvage belongings after their homes collapsed.

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2 Responses to “Warsaw Heavily Flooded”

  1. Nagy Peter said

    If you click on the pictures on the link I sent you than you can see more. And to my polish friend: It is quiet strange that they don’t cover these news overseas, but what is even more strange was those two unusual Mediterranean cyclone that basically caused this huge issue. And still have no idea what were those strong flashes in the sky we (family and neighbors) saw in the first cyclone, because we thought first it’s lightning, but we never saw an actual lightning strike and the national lightning detector didn’t show anything, and normally there is no lightning in a Mediterranean cyclone. So what a hell were those flashes in the sky?

  2. Nagy Peter said

    Hi, I think we Hungarians could ask the same thing, how comes there is no news about the terrible flooding we have all over in the country? There is no river and stream in the country which is not flooding. We have the highest flood warning on our rivers through 863 kilometer. Thousands of people have been evacuated, huge amount of farmlands under water, we have already huge losses in our agriculture. Houses are collapsing under the water, most of our rivers and streams broke their all-time high record. The Hungarian army, police forces, prisoners, volunteers are all fighting the flood. The amount of rain we got in May was 4 times higher than normal. There are towns with no water, no electricity and all roads under water. Just look at these pictures people:

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