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Cyclone Phet Killed 22 in Pakistan and India

Posted by feww on June 7, 2010

Heavy rains brought by cyclone Phet damaged more than 50 villages across Pakistan, killing 17, with 5 more lives lost in India

Cyclone Phet, reduced to a tropical storm after second landfall, left thousands of people homeless in Pakistan. More than 300mm of rain in Baluchistan destroyed about 1,000 homes. Many people were injured.

More than 10,000 houses were damaged in Gwadar and Jiwani, Pakistan, according to reports. The storm also affected Karachi’s power system plunging about 60 percent of the Pakistan’s largest city and financial capital into darkness.

Amena Baloch holds her child after their shabby house was flattened by torrential rains in Karachi, Pakistan on Sunday, June 6, 2010. Many mud-houses collapsed and roads were washed away.  Image: AP. Image may be subject to copyright. See Fire Earth Fair Use Notice.

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Deadly Tornadoes Turn U.S. Midwest into ‘War Zone’

Posted by feww on June 7, 2010

Tornadoes and thunderstorms have killed at least seven people in U.S. Midwest, destroyed 50 homes, damaged many more and forced Fermi nuclear power plant to shut down

At least 7 people have been killed, more than a dozen injured, 50 houses destroyed and many more damaged in north-western Ohio, according to the officials.

US Weather forecast snapshot. Click image for an update.

The states of Illinois and Michigan have also been severely affected by the extreme weather, local reports say.

The Lake Township, one of the worst-hit areas was described as being “like a war zone,” by its Police Chief Mike Hammer [Mark Hummer.]


Fermi nuclear power plant, located on the shore of Lake Erie, Michigan, was forced to shut down after strong winds seriously damages one of the buildings.


The city of Streator in Illinois has been seriously damaged by high winds and thunderstorms. About 2 dozen [50] people were taken to hospital, and 30 buildings sustained “major structural damage,” the  Streator Mayor was reported as saying.

“I saw people coming out of their homes right after the tornado hit; a second story of a house was taken off,” an eye-witness said.

Eastern and
Midwest U.S. Satellite image. GOES East AVN COLOR IR CH4. CLICK HERE to UPDATE!

Goes North America Satellite image Snapshot. Click image to update.

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