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Rio Tinto Uranium Mine Leaks Toxins into Kakadu National Park, Australia

Posted by feww on June 9, 2010

Rio Tinto: Another Multinational the World Would be better Off Without

The stunning wetlands of the Kakadu National Park in far-north Australia are experiencing a huge decline in tourists as eager visitors are stopped short by reluctant hosts and a sea of red-tape. Blood red-signs at the borders of Arnhem Land warn visitors that entry is prohibited without a permit, and paved roads turn immediately to pocked gravel paths that disappear under crocodile-rich floodwaters for nearly six months of the year. Image and Caption Reuters. Image may be subject to copyright.

One of Rio Tinto’s uranium mines in Australia has leaked toxins into a river that enters the wetlands of the Kakadu National Park, Australia, Reuters reported a bi-weekly analysis of companies in the news by ASSET4 data providers showing. More information …

Ranger Uranium Mine in Kakadu National Park. Image Credit:  Stephen Codrington.

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