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Gulf of Mexico Worth More Dead Than Alive: Oil Industry

Posted by feww on June 22, 2010

A Dead GOM: Major Asset for Oil Industry

Oil Slick in the Gulf of Mexico Grows Like Malignant Cancer

Oil Cancer Growing in the Gulf of Mexico. Heavier concentrations of the oil spreads as gray tentacles as seen in this photo-like  image acquired by (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite on June 19, 2010. “The location of the leaking well is marked with a white dot. North of the well, a spot of black may be smoke” rising from controlled fires. Source: NASA E/O. Click image to enlarge. Download large image (10 MB, JPEG).

Gulf of Mexico: Alive, a Major liability; dead, a valuable asset for the oil industry!

Gulf of Mexico is now a major liability for not just BP, partners in crime and the oil industry at large. However, this situation can be turned around, if the Gulf were to die. It would become a major asset but for the oil industry. It’s worth more to them dead than alive.

What to do?

Instruct  the least ethical lawyers in the country and reverse the moratorium on deep water oil and gas exploration in the Gulf.

Nature Didn’t Train Fish to Thrive, Even Swim in Oil!

Poggy fish lie dead stuck in oil in Bay Jimmy near Port Sulpher, Louisiana June 20, 2010. REUTERS/Sean Gardner. Image may be subject to copyright.  For more images click link below

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