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Premature Cataracts and DELL PC User?

Posted by feww on July 3, 2010

Diagnosed with having premature development of cataracts AND are a DELL PC user?

Fire Earth would like to hear from anyone who’s been diagnosed with having premature development of cataracts AND who’s a DELL PC user.

IF you have been diagnosed with having

  • Premature development of cataracts
  • Other Serious eye disease
  • Any sickness that may be radiation related

AND ARE  a DELL PC user, please write us.

ALL information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Fire-Earth Moderators

2 Responses to “Premature Cataracts and DELL PC User?”

  1. TJ Edwards said

    I have been having problems with my eye’s and have developed a white foggy centre in my right eye. [edited for clarity. Moderator] but i have only had this problem recently since using a 19inch dell VDU.

    Every time i look at the screen my eyes become strained and start to water. This has been happening more since moving offices and acquiring a new 19 inch screen! I also use a Macbook but i don’t seem to have the same problems. Both my screens are on low level of brightness, contrast etc, but the Dell screen seesm to burn my eyes is th eonly way i can describe it.

    Mr TJ Edwards

    • feww said

      Thanks for the comment. Could you please clarify the part about your blindness? We’ve have edited out the sentence for the sake of clarity.
      Thanks again.

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