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Supreme Court Sides with Big Money, Again!

Posted by feww on July 3, 2010

Tobacco Companies Avoid Damages

Once again, the US Supreme Court has sided with the multinationals and against American people

“The U.S. Supreme Court rejected an attempt by the federal government to wrest billions of dollars in damages from the tobacco industry, a decision that helped lift tobacco stocks.” Said a report.

The case, which was originally filed in 1999,  “sought to force the industry to fund a smoking cessation program and other remedies.”  The U.S. Justice Department under Bush (junior) diluted demands by a factor of 20, or 95 percent, from $280 billion to only $14 billion.

Defendants included Altria Group (previously named Philip Morris Companies Inc., the parent company of Philip Morris USA; John Middleton, Inc.; United States Smokeless Tobacco, Inc.; Philip Morris Capital Corporation; and Ste Michelle Wine Estates, which is  one of the world’s largest tobacco corporations), Lorillard Inc; Vector Group Ltd’s Liggett Group; British American Tobacco Plc and its Brown & Williamson unit.

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