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Kansas heat wave kills 2,000 cattle

Posted by feww on July 20, 2010

The intense heat and humidity that has palled over central Kansas for more than a week have killed at least 2,000 cattle: Report

“It is all cattle in feedlots. It is more the humidity than the heat,” Ken Powell, environmental scientist with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, said of the more than 2,000 cattle deaths.

“The cattle deaths have overwhelmed rendering plants and some feedlots are burying the carcasses in accordance with state regulations, said Powell.”

“From the standpoint of dealing with the disposal of animals, this is the worst I have seen in the almost 17 years I’ve been here,” he said.

Monday temperatures rose to 101 Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) at Garden City in southwest Kansas, the report said.

“For three or four more days, it’s still pretty stressful,” a meteorologist at Telvent DTN said. “There is a chance you may see a few showers this weekend, which would help ease stress on the livestock.

With about 2 million cattle fattening in its feedlots, Kansas is the third largest cattle state in the U.S. More …

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