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Another AirBus Crashes, Dozens Killed Near Islamabad, Pakistan

Posted by feww on July 28, 2010


Airbus with 152 people onboard crashes near  Pakistan capital Islamabad killing dozens

The plane, an Airbus A321 with 146 passengers and 6 crew, was  flying from  Karachi to Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

At least 20 bodies were recovered, as of posting. Reports say some of the people onboard the Airblue flight may have survived the crash.

“They are badly mutilated and burnt,” an eyewitness described the victims,  “and there are two women among the dead.”

Other Airbus Crash Stats

On January 16, 2009 the Moderators warned: “If you really have to fly because your life depends on it [sic,] and if you are flying an Airbus, then fly on odd days of the month because the Airbus is statistically twice more likely to crash on even days!”

Approximate No. of Aircraft Currently Operational

  • Airbus: 5,558
  • Boeing 10,837

Number of Airliner Crashes Resulting in Fatalities (January 2009  to present)

  • Boeing: 2
  • Airbus: 4

[NOTE: About twice as many Boeing commercial aircraft are thought to be operational, which makes Airbus at least four time more likely to crash.]

Percentage of Fatalities  (overall average)

  • Boeing: 53.4 %
  • Airbus: 99.5 %

Google Information Suppression

Our readers are reminded that the information posted on this blog, such the one in this report, are heavily censored, blocked, or buried (hidden) by Google, Inc., thus denying the people the ability to make informed decisions concerning their travel plans, activities, lifestyles and so on.

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