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Moscow Chokes

Posted by feww on August 6, 2010

Image of the Day:

Planes diverted, businesses closed, government employees told to wear masks!

“Looking at the overall duration (of the pollution), today’s smoke level is the worst yet,” said Alexei Popikov, an expert on air quality at Moscow’s state-run pollution monitoring agency.

Tourists walk along Red Square
in central Moscow amidst heavy smog, caused by peat fires in nearby forests, August 6, 2010.  Credit: REUTERS/Alexander Natruskin. Image may be subject to copyright.

“The deadliest wildfires in nearly four decades have killed at least 50 people and left thousands homeless as entire villages of wooden houses burned down. Russia has also announced a temporary ban on grain exports after crops were ravaged.” A report said.

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Indonesia Earthquake Warning

Posted by feww on August 6, 2010

Large Earthquake Could Strike Banda Sea, Indonesia

Fire-Earth’s EarthModel simulations show a large earthquake could strike Banda Sea, Indonesia possibly close to the west coast of Irian Jaya Barat.

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