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Typhoon FANAPI Hits Taiwan

Posted by feww on September 19, 2010

FANAPI Wreaks Havoc Across Taiwan

Typhoon FANAPI hit the island of Taiwan earlier today, forcing the closure of govt offices and schools, disrupting train services and flights, as the authorities evacuated up to 10,000 people in mountainous areas.

Typhoon FANAPI struck Taiwan on its way to China. Image source: CIMSS. Click image to enlarge.

FANAPI was a category 3 hurricane as it made landfall in Taiwan, delivering heavy precipitation and strong winds.  The hurricane is expected to regain strength and strike South East China as a category 3B – 3C hurricane later on today or early tomorrow local time.

FANAPI was expected to cause substantial damage along its path over Taiwan.

When typhoon MORAKOT  struck Taiwan last year, it killed about 1,000 people and left thousands more homeless.

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