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Arabia Lucky Last Time

Posted by feww on September 27, 2010

Will Arabia Be So Lucky Next Time?

A swarm of at least 30,000 tremors  that struck Harrat Lunayyir, an ancient  lava field in western Arabia, between April and June 2009 was a ‘failed eruption,’ US and Arabian geologists say.

An aerial view of one of the volcanoes in the Al-Aayiss area.

Based on the ground deformation satellite data, depth and signature of the shockwaves, the researchers have concluded that the seismic activity was related to a ‘failed volcanic eruption.’ They say magma has now moved very  close to the surface, increasing the probability of an eruption.

The Arabian peninsula’s western side comprises lava fields [harrat] measuring up to 200,000 square kilometers, which were formed over the past 30 million years, after Arabia split from Africa.

Fissures formed when the earthquake swarm struck Harrat Lunayyir, western Arabia, between April and June 2009. Image source: Arabian media.  Image may be subject to copyright.

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