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The West Bank Nightmare Scenarios

Posted by feww on October 4, 2010

Collapse of the West Bank Looms

Water Shortage: A Top 10 West Bank Collapse Mechanism

Jewish settlements are illegal under international law; however, Israel ignores this.

“The inequality in access to water between Israelis and Palestinians is striking. Palestinian consumption is . . . about 70 liters a day per person – well below the 100 liters a day recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) – whereas Israeli daily per-capita consumption, at about 300 liters, is about four times as much.” Amnesty International said.

“Israeli settlers, numbering 450,000, use as much or more water than 2.3 million West Bank Palestinians. Amnesty observed that the ‘inequality’ becomes dramatic in areas where Israeli settlers use 20 times more water per capita than Palestinian farmers whose fields are parched and livestock have died,” a report said.

Map Details (Source UN OCHA via BBC)

  • More than 62% of this area is under full Israeli control (It contains all Israeli settlements, roads used by settlers, buffer zones and almost all of the Jordan Valley.)
  • Less than 38% under Palestinian civil control (more than 50 percent of this area is controlled by Israel)
  • There are 149 official settlements and at least 100 outposts (settlements not authorized by Israel)
  • Population: About 3 million (2.5 million Palestinians, about 500,000 Jewish or Israeli settlers)

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