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Thailand Flooding Death Toll Tops 100

Posted by feww on October 30, 2010

3 Weeks of Flooding Paralyzes Thailand

Unusually heavy monsoon rains since October10 inundated at least 38 of the country’s 76 provinces, destroying about 650,000 hectares of farmland and causing at least $333 million in damage, Thailand’s disaster prevention and mitigation officials said.

As of posting, at least 22 provinces were still submerged.

At least 100 people have died since the flooding began three weeks ago, mostly from drowning, according to Thailand’s Emergency Medical Institute.

About 250,000 people have so far been treated for flood-related diseases, with half of the patients suffering foot infections, Thailand’s Public Health Minister told reporters.

Flooding has affected at least 600,000 households, or more than 5 million people.

Download large image
(7 MB, JPEG) — Image acquired on October 29, 2010

The two images were acquired by MODIS on NASA’s Terra satellite showing flood-affected regions in Thailand on October 29, 2010 (top), and October 30, 2009 (bottom). Flooded areas are dark blue.

“Compared to conditions the year before, flooding is most apparent along the Mae Nam Mun River in the east, and along the Chao Phraya River north of Bangkok. Although Bangkok itself avoided major damage, Agence France-Presse reported that more than 1,000 homes north of the city had been partly submerged. In the 2010 image, large areas of standing water are apparent north of the coastal metropolis.” Source: NASA-EO.

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