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More Indonesian Volcanoes Could Erupt Simultaneously [Probability ≥ 0.55]

Posted by feww on November 11, 2010

Singapore Sling May Follow

Mt Merapi releases them all: Ash plumes, lahars, pyroclastic flows, sulfur dioxide …

Image shows concentrations of sulfur dioxide release by Mt Merapi volcano between November 4 and 8, 2010. The image was processed from data acquired by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on NASA’s Aura spacecraft. “Sulfur dioxide is measured here in Dobson Units: The greatest concentrations appear in dark red-brown; the lowest in light peach. Typically used to measure ozone, the Dobson Unit is the number of molecules of gas that would be required to create a layer 0.01 millimeters thick at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 1 atmosphere (the air pressure at the surface of the Earth).” Source: NASA E-O.

Latest Entries on Mt Merapi

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First France, Then Germany, Now Britain

Posted by feww on November 11, 2010

When Did the ‘Poor’ Matter!

How Europe’s Ordinary Folks Are Being Pushed Out of the Pod

Images of the Day:


More than 50,000 students and university lecturers took to the streets of London to protest against higher education fees. [Photo: Getty Images. Image may be subject to copyright.]

“Hundreds of coachloads of students and lecturers travelled to London from across England for the demonstration in Whitehall, with 2,000 students also travelling from Wales and a further 2,000 from Scotland,” a report said.

Take This: Cornered by the Rich-Only System

Demonstrators clashed with police in London during a protest against government plans to raise university education fees by 300 percent and cut university funding in the UK. [Photo: Reuters. Image may be subject to copyright.]

The World’s Most Unethical ‘Democracy’

“We won’t go back. Look, even if we wanted to, we shouldn’t go back to the idea that university is free,” said David Cameron, UK Prime Minister.

Demonstrators were protesting against UK government plans to treble university fees, cut tertiary education funding by 40% and wipe out all scholarships except for maths and science.

Who said the WAR RACKET was cheap, Mr Prime Minister?

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