Fire Earth

Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

a year is a long time …

Posted by feww on November 21, 2010

Brief History of Mankind

A Last Look at Planet Earth – II

Death by Lethal Pollution

“Troubled Waters” by U.S. PRIG

Accumulation of toxic pollution in the environment is one of the dynamics that is driving the ecosystems to the verge of collapse. In the worst case scenario, which could unfold by as early as 2012¹, about 20% the world’s cities become unsustainable and begin to collapse. Massive waves of human migration from the affected areas create domino effect that causes the collapse of most of the remaining population centers. It may be too late to make a significant difference to the final outcome; however, we still have the option to change the worst case scenario! See Collapsing Cities

Mother Nature using her defense mechanisms to ensure the cycle of life? Or our lifestyles killing what’s left?

NASA satellites capture images of about 14 massive wildfires raging in Southern California, which have scorched about 1,500 square kilometers from Ventura to Mexico. Posted on October 24, 2007

NASA: Satellite image of the New York metropolitan area

What would you say [do] to the Mayor when 6 feet of flood waters inundates the entire NYC metropolitan area well before 2050 because he didn’t cut the emissions to zero in 2007?

According to a National Snow and Ice Center report in May, the Arctic ice cap was melting much faster than predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and was now about 30 years ahead of IPCC forecast.

Google: Pornography, Online Gambling and Energy

“We’re busy assembling our own internal research and development group and hiring a team of engineers and energy experts tasked with building 1 gigawatt of renewable energy capacity that is cheaper than coal. Google’s R&D effort will begin with a significant effort on solar thermal technology, and will also investigate enhanced geothermal systems and other areas.” Google said.

The Shrinking Antarctic Ice Sheet

Earth’s Shrinking Antarctic Ice Sheet

Credit: Ben Holt Sr., GRACE team, DLR

“Dust fall” in the West in the last 100 years is up to seven times heavier than at any period in history.

A dusty scene near Canyonlands in Utah. Dust in the West has increased by 500 percent since the 1800s. [Photo Credit: Jason C. Neff, University of Colorado at Boulder.

How Much Water?

Average national water footprint per capita (m³/capita/yr). Green indicates a national average water footprint of equal to or smaller than global average. Countries marked in red have a larger water footprint than the global average. Source: A. Y. Hoekstra et al. 2005. Water footprints of nations: Water use by people as a function of their consumption pattern.

This Planet NO GOOD for Farming!

Once A Forest!

From Chernobyl with Love


In Case of Armageddon, or Postdiluvian Catastrophes, Don’t Panic!

Doomsday Vault (Image Credit: AFP)

Photo Credit: Mari Tefre/Global Crop Diversity Trust

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8 Responses to “a year is a long time …”

  1. Jack said

    Good point. Thanks…
    Keep your head up!!

  2. Jack said

    [Hey Jack, there’s nothing to stop you from putting your ideas into words and starting a new blog. There would be many interested readers. BOL! Moderator]

  3. Jack said

    [I was stunned to note how little the two professors knew about climate. They should subscribe to a few weather satellite services and check them out a couple of times a day. Better still, check out the global weather patterns through the links provided on this blog. Moderator]

    • Jack said

      Yeah… what buisness do a couple of chemists and geologists have meddeling around in climatology?

      [Is that said with your tongue in your cheek? Moderator]

      The interconnectivity of the web extends beyond our local food chain. [Sci-fi bit removed by Mod]

      [Jack, without a convincing scenario, for starters, their commercially-induced “theory,” which promotes “continue with business as usual,” falls flat on its face. Remember, Earth has survived in its life-giving/support mode for more than 4 billion years. Moderator]

      • Jack said

        [Jack, homo sapiens–NOT-SO-SAPIENS– have caused immense harm and devastation to the planet, to which she is responding–see blog content. You have to be a mentally-challenged scientist, or one employed by “special interests,” to miss the footprints. This blog is not a suitable forum for discussing sci-fi thoughts and “a whole host of other ideas, theories, and unknown fears.” Moderator]

  4. Jack said

    [Know very little about him. He’ll have difficulty blaming the man-made pollution on Earth on cosmic forces, too!!! Moderator]

  5. Jack said

    [NOT so fast Jack, but you’re on the right track! Moderator]

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