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33 volcanic tremors rock Mt. Bulusan

Posted by feww on November 22, 2010

Bulusan ejects a 2-km column of ash and steam into the air

At least 500 families have been evacuated from areas near the volcano. About 3,000 families (15,000 people) in 18 villages have so far been affected by the ash eruptions.

Mt. Bulusan remains under Alert Level 1 that prohibits the public from entering  the 4-km radius of the Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ).

Meanwhile the  municipal council in the town of Sorsogon has declared “a state of calamity” following  repeated ash eruptions from Bulusan Volcano and threats of lahars and  pyroclastic flows into the local rivers.

The ash explosions from  Bulusan Volcano has already “affected Barangays (villages) Cogon, Monbon, Tinampo, Bolos, Gulang-Gulang, Bagsangan, Mapaso and Gabao and the rivers of Patag and Cadac-an in this town,” according to a report.

Mount Bulusan ash explosions shower Sorsogon town in Bicol region south of Manila, Philippines on 21 November 2010. Photo credit:  EPA/ALDRIN RECEBIDO. Image may be subject to copyright.

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