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Europe Freezes Over 3 Weeks Early

Posted by feww on December 2, 2010

Arctic Weather Kills Dozens Across Europe

Extreme weather conditions, snow and subzero temperatures cause chaos across Europe for the 4th day

Temperatures dropped to -34ºC (-29.2ºF) in Poland, where at least 18 people died from exposure.

About three dozen others have so far died from the cold in Central, Northern and Western Europe.

Icy roads caused at least 2,000 accidents in Germany killing at least 5 people. Belgium reported 650km (400 miles) of tailbacks on its highways.

Up to 10,000 schools across the UK have been closed, as severe snow warnings were issued for many parts of the country.

About 30cm (12in) of snow was recorded around Britain’s second largest airport, Gatwick, forcing the authorities to close it down.

At least a dozen other airports across the continent were forced to shut down.

“Switzerland suffered its coldest November night for 45 years as temperatures plunged below minus 30 degrees Celsius (minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit), according to national weather service Meteosuisse.” AFP said.

Temperatures in Moscow fell to minus 24ºC (-10.5ºF), the chilliest the city has experienced in 80 years, Russia’s  Itar-Tass news agency reported. At least a dozen people have died from exposure in recent days.

Freezing conditions are expected to last for about a week, possibly longer, as a low-pressure front over western Europe inches eastward.

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One Response to “Europe Freezes Over 3 Weeks Early”

  1. Jack said

    “It’s begining to look alot like Iceland,
    Everywhere you go….”


    (no, you cannot get rid of me. sorry. I understand why you cannot post these ideas now. The same reason why I will not start a blog about it! I’ll attempt to post comments that will see the light of day… occasionally.)

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