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Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

2011 Disaster Calendar


2011 – 2012: A Time for Mega Disasters

U.S., the world, stake the future on high-energy strategies. Energy models’ simulations show all such strategies ending in collapse. EDRO


Nearly all of the anthropogenic and human-enhanced disasters that will occur on the planet in the 2011-2012 period would have been preventable.

Humans continued to devour energy at a rate of 17.3terrawatt in 2011, when maximum ‘safe’ limit was less than 1.9terrawatt.


Blog assessments are based on dynamic model simulations analyzing the environmental impact of excessive energy consumption. Moderators reject ALL END-WORLD PROPHECIES .

2011 Disaster Calendar

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  • Day 366 [January 1, 2011]

    • Deranged Obama’s Slaughterhouse in Afghanistan. NATO occupying forces and its coalition partners in crime have reported a total death toll of at least 709 for 2010, some 36.1 percent higher than their 521 fatalities in 2009, reports say.
    • Alexandria, Egypt. Death toll in a car bomb explosion outside a Coptic  Christian church in Egypt’s northern city of Alexandria has climbed to 21, with at least 43 others injured, officials said.
    • N Waziristan, Pakistan. The latest US drone attacks have killed at least a dozen people in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region, according to local officials.
    • China-Russia. An oil pipeline which runs between eastern Siberia and north-eastern China has begun operating, reports say.  Russia will be  exporting about 15m tons of oil through the new pipeline each year (about 300,000 bpd).
  • Day 367 [January 2, 2011]

    • Kelantan, Malaysia. At least 500 people have been evacuated in the Malaysian town of Kelantan after the ongoing floods worsened overnight due to heavy rainfall, reports say.
    • Uganda. Death toll from an outbreak of yellow fever in Northern Uganda has climbed to at least 60, local officials have said.
    • Puerto Rico. Despite an increase in the rate of asthma in children across the United States, the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico has the highest asthma diagnosis rates in the world, a report said. “Asthma has spiked in the island territory this year, most likely because of heavy rains that may have unleashed millions of asthma inducing spores.”
    • Ohio, USA. “Accidental” drug overdoses in 2010 surpassed car crashes as the leading cause of “accidental” death in the state of Ohio. The death toll is about 1,500 annually, reports say.
    • South Korea.The South Korean authorities have confirmed 3 additional foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreaks despite tremendous effort to contain the highly contagious disease through a month-long quarantine, reports say.
      • Since the November outbreak, South Korea has culled about 550,000 heads of livestock from about 700 farms across the country.
      • “More than 643,000 animals have been ordered culled, and the vaccination of 361,000 animals at 14,000 farms across the country is under way to stem the disease’s spread, with losses estimated at well over 520 billion won (US$463 million).” A report said.
    • South Korea. South Korea has confirmed an outbreak of avian flu in the southeastern city of Sacheon, a report said. On Friday South Korea had confirmed its first outbreak of avian flu in two years, when ducks in two poultry farms in the central and southwestern part of the country were found to be infected with the bird flu virus (H5N1).
      • At least 100,000 birds have been culled in an attempt to contain the outbreak.
  • Day 368 [January 3, 2011]

    • India. An intense cold wave has struck northern India killing a large number of people. The official death toll stands at about 40 victims, so far.  The capital, Delhi, is the worst hit area along with Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, an the Indian-administered state of Kashmir, where the temperature has dropped to as low as minus 23.6 degrees Celsius (-10.5ºF), reports say.
    • Philippines. Floods and landslides have claimed about a dozen lives, affecting up to a 100,000 people since last week. Caraga Region is currently experiencing “massive floodings” and landslides, PIA said.
    • UK. As many as 20 people have died from common flu over the past week, and up to 1,000 others are in intensive care units in hospitals throughout Britain, reports say.
    • South Korea. The foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) continues to spread through the central part of South Korea, reports quoted the officials as saying. “The farm ministry confirmed two fresh outbreaks [fourth since the weekend] in South Chungcheong Province in the country’s central region, one in the mountainous Gangwan region east of Seoul and two in the country’s southeastern North Gyeongsang Province. … The spread of FMD in Chungcheong is a serious development since it’s close to Jeolla Province, which is one of the major production centers for beef. The province, in addition, is home to several state-run laboratories and breeding facilities for cattle.”
  • Day 369 [January 4, 2011]

    • Australia. Australia’s Disasters Continue to Unfold. QLD flood death toll has now reached at least 10, as thousands of houses are inundated, reports say.
    • UK. The UK Govt has been accused of a cover-up concerning the G8’s failure to reduce the death toll from tuberculosis (TB) in south Asia, a report said.  “[T]hree experts based in Bangladesh say the UK’s strategy against the disease is aimed at preventing its spread to the west, rather than tackling the living conditions in deprived communities where TB is endemic.” TB kills about half a million people, mostly poor, in south Asia each year, WHO estimates.
    • Afghanistan. At least 10,000 people, 20% of them civilians, were killed in Afghanistan violence in 2010, AFP reported. “In addition, the Afghan defence ministry said that 810 Afghan soldiers died in 2010, while independent website puts the total death toll for international troops last year at 711.”
  • Day 370 [January 5, 2011] 

    • Philippines. Death toll from heavy rains, extensive flooding and landslides in the Philippines has reached at least 25, with about 100,000 families (up to 500,000 persons) displaced, reports say. “In its latest situation report, the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) reported that the displaced families came from 527 villages in 19 provinces of Regions 5 (Bicol), 7 (Central Visayas), 8 (Eastern Visayas), 10 (Northern Mindanao), 11 (Davao), the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao and the Caraga region” 
    • Global. Death toll from plane crashes jumped 13% in 2010 with at least 828 people killed, compared with 731 reported fatalities in 2009, Ascend (UK) said. 
    • Malaysia. “Milk cattle farms in five Malaysian states have been affected by the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), the Malaysian Veterinary Services Department said on Wednesday,” a report said.
  • Day 371 [January 6, 2011]

    • Global. Food prices hit a record high in December 2010 and are expected to rise further because of volatile global weather patterns, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization reported. The price rises could lead to food riots, civil conflicts, even wars worldwide. The first phase of collapsing cities has arrived.
    • Brazil. Heavy floods and landslides have killed at least 35 people and forced more than 30,000 from their homes across Brazil, a report said.
    • Uttar Pradesh, India. At least 12 more people were killed by the intense cold wave which has persisted in northern India since Late December.
    • KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Floods in KwaZulu-Natal have killed at least 5 people and forced hundreds out of their homes amid continuing heavy rains, a report said.
    • Northern Samar, Philippines. The provincial government of Northern Samar has declared a state of calamity for the province, a government report said.
    • NSW, Australia. “Byron Bay, Richmond Valley, Tenterfield and Tweed local government areas have been declared natural disaster areas by the NSW Government today.” A report said. A total of 59 counties in the state of NSW  have been declared disaster zones since December 2010. “The rain and flooding in these areas significantly damaged roads, bridges and drains and other critical infrastructure,” a government minister said.
  • Day 372 [January 7, 2011]

    • The Scenic Rim, South East Queensland, Australia. The Scenic Rim has been declared a Natural Disaster Area because of extensive flooding for the second time in less than a month, a report said.
    • South Africa. Severe weather, Flooding and thunderstorms in the eastern part of South Africa have killed at least 39 people, the authorities said. “In neighboring KwaZulu-Natal province, police say six people drowned as a result of flooding last week, in addition to seven people killed in a lightning strike there Sunday.” Thousands of people have been displaced as heavy rain and flooding have damaged/destroyed property, inundated farms and ruined crops.
    • Vietnam. Foot-and-mouth disease cases have been reported by at least 15 provinces in Vietnam, a report said.
  • Day 373 [January 8, 2011]

    • Shillong, Meghalaya, India. At least a dozen people have been killed and up to 20000 others from Garo and Rabha tribes have been displaced in Assam and Meghalaya after ethnic clashes flared between the two communities, reports say.
    • Southern Luzon, eastern Visayas and Mindanao, Philippines. Floods and landslides have killed at least 38 people an displaced about a million others, destroying or damaging thousands of homes, a report said.
    • Uttar Pradesh, India. Cold weather has now claimed a reported 150 victims in North India.  The state of Uttar Pradesh tops the toll with at least 101 reported deaths, a blog report said.
  • Day 374 [January 9, 2011]

    • Colombia. Death toll from Colombia’s torrential rains, flooding and landslides, starting September 2010 has climbed to at least 312, reports say, with more than 2.23 million people affected. Some 289 people have been injured and 64 others are reported as missing. “Mudslides, floods and overflowing rivers have destroyed 5,323 homes and damaged another 328,420, the institution said, adding that the affected population is made up of a total of 461,337 families.” The ongoing catastrophe has impacted 712 of about 1,000 municipalities in Colombia’s 32 provinces.
    • Cruel South Korea. Some one million pigs have been buried alive by the S. Korean authorities as foot-and-mouth disease continues to spread across the country, reports say.
    • Tunisia. Death toll in Tunisia’s clashes between the people and security forces has climbed to at least 20 with dozens of others injured, reports say. The recent unrest is believed to be linked  to public frustrations with the despotic president and the ruling elite, unemployment, rising food prices and increasing levels of poverty in the country.
    • Sudan. Death toll in clashes in Sudan’s disputed border region of Abyei has climbed to at least 15 and many more people wounded, reports say.
  • Day 375 [January 10, 2011]

    • Sri Lanka. Death toll from floods and landslides in central Sri Lanka has climbed to at least a dozen, with dozens more injured and about a million others affected, reports say.  Floodwaters have destroyed up to a 1,000 homes, and left more than 3,000 others damaged.
    • Kota Baru, Malaysia. New floods in Kelantan have killed at least 3 people and forced thousands of others out of their homes, a report said.
    • Thailand. The southernmost province of Narathiwat has been declared a disaster area following widespread flooding caused by heavy rain, reports say.  Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated/affected.
    • Iran. At least 78 people were killed and two dozen others injured when their plane crashed while trying to make an emergency landing in a snowstorm in NW Iran,  reports say.
  • Day 376 [January 11, 2011]

    • Queensland, Australia. An ‘inland tsunami’ has killed at least 10 people and left 78 others missing in Grantham, near Toowoomba, Queensland, reports say. The raging floodwaters have destroyed many homes and infrastructure on their way toward Brisbane.
    • Tennessee, USA.Tennessee Gov. Bredesen, has declared a state of emergency after the latest snowstorm hit southern U-S, reports say.
    • North Carolina, USA.Gov. Perdue declared a state of emergency on Monday as a winter snow and rainstorm bore down on North Carolina and stirred up treacherous road conditions, disrupting ground and air travel. 
    • South Carolina, USA. SC Gov. Sanford has also declared a state of emergency: “Given the current conditions throughout the state, I would urge the state’s citizens to avoid all unnecessary travel.” 
    • Alabama, USA. Gov. Riley has declared a state of emergency in Alabama because of the snowstorm.
    • Louisiana, USA. Gov. Jindal has declared a state of emergency in Louisiana because of the snowstorm.
    • Georgia, USA. Governor Sonny Perdue has declared a state of emergency in Georgia because of the severe winter storm.
    • Iran. “The heaviest snowfall in the country in more than a decade has killed at least 21 people,” the Associated Press reported.
      “Some died of the severe cold, some were buried under avalanches, and others died after their cars overturned on snow-covered roads,” the state-run radio reported.
  • Day 377 [January 12, 2011]

    • Brisbane, Queensland, Australai More than  a third of the Australian state of Queensland has now been declared a disaster area as floodwaters threaten at least 50 suburbs in the state capital Brisbane, report say.
    • Grantham, QLD, AUST. Death toll in QLD flash floods has reached at least 12 in the past 48 hours (22 deaths since December), with more than 70 people reported as missing.
    • South Dakota, USA. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designated Jackson and Todd as primary natural disaster areas as weather-related grasshopper infestation that began on June 1 continues, a report said. “Farmers and ranchers in Bennet, Jones, Pennington, Tripp, Haakon, Mellette and Shannon counties also qualify for natural disaster assistance because they are contiguous.”
    • Nebraska, USA. The Cherry and Keya Paha counties in Nebraska are also contiguous and are declared as natural disaster areas.
    • South Dakota, USA. Ziebach County has been declared a natural disaster area following heavy rains, flash flooding, high winds, hail, tornado and weather-related grasshopper infestations, the report said. “Corson, Haakon, Pennington, Stanley, Dewey, Meade and Perkins counties” have also been declared as disaster areas because they are contiguous.
    • Washington, USA. USDA has designated 20 counties in the state of Washington as natural disaster areas due to losses caused by heavy rains, frosts, freezing temperatures, high winds and extreme cold weather that began April 1, 2010, and continues, a report said.  12 other counties in the state of Washington are also declared as disaster areas because they are contiguous.
    • Oregon, USA. Ten counties in Oregon are also included in the above disaster declaration because they too are contiguous.
    • Philippines. Death toll from heavy rains, flooding and landslides in the Philippines has reached at least 43, report say. An estimated 1.35 million people have been displaced.
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil. Floods and landslides have claimed at least 13 lives, injured dozens more and left hundreds of people homeless, reports say.
    • NYC, USA. NYC Mayor has declared a state of emergency in the city following massive snowfalls.  Schools have been shut down and hundreds of flights have been canceled.
    • South Korea. A state of emergency has been declared in Korea as as avian flu continues to spread across several regions in the country, the agriculture ministry has said.
  • Day 378 [January 13, 2011]

    • Brazil. Flooding and landslides have killed at least 358 people and left dozens missing in SE Brazil in under 24 hours, reports say. Earlier, floods in Sao Paulo claimed at least 13 lives. See also entry for January 6, 2011.
    • Queensland, Australia. Th ecumulative death toll from flooding in Qld. has reached 34 since December, reports say.  The floodwaters have submerged about 3 dozen suburbs in Brisbane and large areas of Ipswhich, causing widespread damage.
    • Samar, Philippines. At least 42 people have been killed as a result of heavy monsoon rains, which started just before the New Year, 8 injured and five others are reported as missing, disaster officials said.
    • Sri Lanka. Death toll from floods and landslides in central Sri Lanka has climbed to a least 23, a report said, with another 36 people injured and one other reported as missing.  Floodwaters have forced about a third of a million people out of their homes.
      • “About 161,878 hectares of paddy lands are under water and it is still too early to estimate the extent of damage. If the water subsides in the next two-three days we might able to recover 30 percent of it,” the Agriculture Minister said.
      • “That translates to 21 percent of Sri Lanka’s total 570,000 hectares of paddy destroyed, and as much a third still at risk.”
      • “In the hardest-hit area, the eastern port of Batticaloa, rainfall since the beginning of January stood at 1.8 metres (5 ft 11 in), more than its average annual rainfall of 1.6 metres,” Meteorology Department Deputy Director  said.
  • Day 379 [January 14, 2011]

    • Brazil. Death toll from flooding and mega landslides in SE Brazil has climbed to at least 527, reports say. Heavy rains have caused massive landslides destroying everything in their paths and leaving tens of thousands of people homeless.
    • Sri Lanka. Reported death toll from massive floods in Sri Lanka has climbed to at least 33 victims. About 1.5 million people have been affected as a result,a dramatic rise since the last report by the local media.  The country’s Disaster Management Center has reported that 361,143 people are currently accommodated in temporary camps set up at government buildings, schools and temples.
  • Day 380 [January 15, 2011]

    • Philippines. Reported death toll from floods and landslides caused by torrential rains in parts of the Philippines has climbed to at least 47 with up to 1.5 million people directly affected. The disasters have hit at least “25 provinces in the regions of Calabarzon, Bicol, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, Eastern Visayas, Northern Mindanao, Davao, Soksargen, Caraga and ARMM,” a report said.
    • Sri Lanka. More than a million people (about 284,000 households) have been affected by torrential rains and floods in Sri Lanka. The authorities say 27 people have been killed since the disaster started earlier this month. However, some media reports put the death toll at more than 50. Floods have affected about 1.5 million, displacing at least 360,000 people, and submerged as much as a third of the country’s rice paddies, reports say.
    • Kerala, India. At least 102 pilgrims have been killed and 44 others injured in a stampede during a religious festival at the Hindu shrine of Sabarimala in the southern Indian state of Kerala, reports say.
    • Tunisia. A fire swept through a prison in the Tunisian town of Monastir killing at least 42 people, reports say. The fire broke out amid ongoing unrest, which led to the corrupt ex-president, Bin Ali,  fleeing the country. The depraved Saudi royal family have reportedly greeted Bin Ali with open arms.
  • Day 381 [January 16, 2011]

    • Brazil. Death toll from floods and landslides in Brazil’s SE state Rio de Janeiro have climbed to at least 610, with dozens, possibly hundreds of others missing. As of posting, the disasters have left more than 15,000 people homeless.
    • Victoria, Australia. About 15,000 properties across the Australian state of Victoria have been inundated, as up to 4,000 people are  forced to flee their homes. At least 43 towns and communities have been affected by the floods,  said to be the worst flooding to hit northern and northwestern Victoria since records began.
  • Day 382 [January 17, 2011]

    • South Africa. Death toll from ongoing floods in South Africa has climbed to at least 40, reports quoting the SA government say.
    • Nan, Thailand.  All 15 districts in the province of Nan, northern Thailand, have been declared disaster zones after the cold-spell pushed the temperatures down by at least 6 degrees Celsius below the seasonal norm, reports say. The neighboring province of Uttaradit was declared a disaster zone on Thursday, also due to the cold.
    • South Korea. About 70,000 S Korean soldiers have culled or buried alive a total of just under 2 million animals, mainly cattle and pigs, accounting for 11.4% of the country’s total livestock, from more than 4, 150 farms nationwide as of Monday morning, the officials have said.
  • Day 383 [January 18, 2011]

    • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Death toll from mega flood disasters in Berazil’s Rio de Janeiro state has climbed to at least 661, reports say.
    • Queensland, Australia. Death toll from Queensland flooding has climbed to at least 30, with more than 10 people still missing, a report said. FIRE-EARTH estimates that the the cost of damage, as of posting, exceeds $20billion.
    • Tunisia. Death toll in Tunisia’s uprising has climbed to at least 78, with the cost of damage estimated at about $2billion, a report quoted an official as saying.
    • Sri Lanka. Reported death toll from flooding in Sri Lanka has risen to 40, with 51 others injured and at least a million displaced, reports say.
  • Day 384 [January 19, 2011]

    • Philippines.  Reported death toll from continuous rains that have unleashed widespread flooding in the Philippines have climbed to at least 59, with 32 others missing, a report said. “[…] 323,149 families or 1,650,754 persons, mostly coming from Caraga, Region 8, and the Bicol area have been displaced, with 12,523 families or 61,054 persons still staying in 74 evacuation centers, while 2,430 houses were damaged.”
    • Brazil. Death toll from flooding and landslides in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro has climbed to 690, Brazil’s Civil Defense and Health Ministry has said.
    • Corfu, Greece. At least 33 migrants have drowned in the Ionian Sea after their trawler sank off Corfu on its way to Italy, a report said.
    • Iraq. Death toll in northern Iraq bombing has climbed to at least 65 with more than 150 people injured, reports say. “A suicide bomber joined hundreds of recruits waiting outside a police station in Tikrit to submit applications for 2,000 newly created jobs.”
    • South Africa. A wide swath of South Africa, which includes Johannesburg and 27 other municipalities in 7 of the country’s 9 provinces, has been declared a disaster areas because of torrential rains and flooding, reports say. At least 40 people have lost their lives, and 6,000 others have been displaced as heavy rains continue to pound South Africa.
    • Clackamas, Oregon, USA. The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners have declared the county a disaster area because of flooding, a report said.
  • Day 385 [January 20, 2011]

    • Global. At least 10,000 people have died prematurely in the past 24 hours from particulate air pollution throughout the world, FIRE-EARTH estimates.
    • Victoria, Queensland. Floodwaters have submerged at least a third of the Australian state of Victoria, inundating at least 62 towns and killing hundreds of thousands of poultry and scores of other farm animals. Floods have damaged a reported 1,730 properties, affecting at least 4,300 people.
    • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Death toll from flooding and landslides in the Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro state has climbed to at least 732, reports say, with more than 200 people still missing.
    • S. Korea. About 2.3 million livestock, mostly cows and pigs, have been culled or buried alive across South Korea, some 17.5% of the country’s total of 13 million livestock, a report said. Meanwhile, the authorities have destroyed at least 3.8 million poultry in an attempt to slow down the spread of a virulent strain of the H5N1, the report added.
  • Day 386 [January 21, 2011]

    • Victoria, Australia. Victoria’s worst floods in recorded history, which have already surged through at least 70 towns, are forecasted to menace communities in the state’s north and north-west for another 10 days, a report said.
    • Karbala, Iraq. “Twin bombings killed more than 45 Shia pilgrims today, taking the number of suicide attacks across Iraq in the past four days to seven with a collective death toll of more than 110,” a report said.
    • Queensland, Australia. Premier Anna Bligh has detailed the extent of the damage to properties Queensland, “saying 5400 homes had been flooded over their floorboards, 21,000 had been flooded under that level and 15,000 had water in their yards. Ninety-seven towns were affected by serious flooding or were isolated and 90,000km of local roads were damaged.” Said a report. At least 32 people were killed by the QLD floods since December and about a dozen more are still missing.
  • Day 387 [January 22, 2011]

    • Alexandria, Egypt. “Ahmed Hashim al-Sayyed, 25, set himself on fire because he couldn’t afford bread, couldn’t find work and had lost his sense of dignity,” a report said. “Sayyed and millions of other Egyptians suffer from the same grievances that led to mass protests in Tunisia and forced a president out: joblessness, hopelessness and opportunity only for the elite.”
      • Following the self-immolation of a jobless university graduate in Tunisia, which sparked a revolution, forcing the corrupt president to flee the country last week, several others in Egypt, Algeria and Mauritania have set themselves on fire.
    • Ivory Coast. Death toll in the African country has climbed to 260 since the start of a power struggle between the two rivals who both claim to be the country’s president, UN said. 
    • South Africa. Death toll from torrential rains and flooding in various parts of the country has reached at least 71, with more than 8,400 household displaced or affected, the National Disaster Management Center in Pretoria said in a statement. 
    • NSW, Australia. “Another ten local government areas have been declared natural disaster areas, raising the total number to 77 in flood-ravaged NSW,” a report said. 
    • Indiana, USA. USDA has declared 52 of Indiana’s 92 counties disaster areas  because of the drought that started August 1 and lasted through December 31, 2010, reports say. 
    • Utah, USA. Gov. Gary Herbert has signed a disaster declaration for Southern Utah’s Washington and Kane counties following damage caused by flooding last months, reports say. 
    • Alberta, Canada. County council of Grande Prairie in Alberta has declared  the area an agriculture disaster for a second straight year becsuse many were “unable to complete harvest, and the livestock sector facing poor pasture conditions and a lack of quality hay for feeding,” a report said.
    • Idaho, USA. “Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter declared a disaster emergency in Shoshone County today due to flooding in many areas of the Coeur d’Alene River basin.  The flooding was brought on by warm temperatures as well as rain that fell onto snow in the area,” a report said.
    • Mongolia. At least 86 counties in 14 provinces of Mongolia have been declared disaster areas, as snow covers 80 percent of the country, a report said.  “The strong wind and decrease of temperatures will pose a big challenge to the vast pastoral area. The freezing conditions will pose a major threat to the lives of livestock and livelihoods of herders.” The temperatures are forecasted to dip to as low as minus 45 degrees Celsius in western regions of Mongolia.
  • Day 388 [January 23, 2011]

    • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Death toll from flooding and landslides in the Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro state has now climbed to 791, the Brazilian Civil Defense Department said. The number of people missing has climbed to 430, the Rio de Janeiro public prosecutor’s office reported.
    • Victoria, Australia. A massive inland sea of floodwater, 100km long, is spreading across the Australian state of Victoria wiping out farms as it moves deeper into the north-west corner of the state, reports say.
    • Vietnam. At least 7 people and more than 10,000 heads of cattle have died due to a prolonged harsh weather conditions in Vietnam, reports say. Cold weather has also caused substantial damage to the country’s crops.
  • Day 389 [January 24, 2011]

    • Queensland, Australia. Death toll from flood-related incidents across Queensland has climbed to 35 since November 30, with up to a dozen people still missing.
    • California, USA. A record number of 304 sea otter bodies have been found on California coastlines in the past 12 months, a preliminary report released by the U.S. Geological Survey said. “Based on a spring count of 2,719 living sea otters, those bodies accounted for 11.2 percent of the population,” according to a report.
    • New York, USA. USDA has designated Yates County as a primary natural disaster area because of the combined effects of frost, excessive heat and excessive rain between April 1 and Dec. 31, 2010.  Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca and Steuben counties in New York are also included in the declaration because they are contiguous.
  • Day 390 [January 25, 2011]

    • Global Disaster. World’s two largest car manufacturers, Toyota and GM, put an additional 16.81 million cars on the global traffic maze in the past 12 months.
    • Nepal. Death toll from a cold wave in Nepal has climbed to at least 66, reports say.
    • Moscow, Russia. A bomb explosion at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport has reportedly  killed at least 35 people and injured about 180 others, reports say. Death toll is expected to rise as some of the injured were said to be critical.
    • South Africa. Death toll from widespread flooding and heavy storms in South Africa has climbed to at least 123, with an estimated 20 000 left in need of immediate basic relief aid, a government official has said. “South Africa declared 33 municipalities in eight of its nine provinces disaster areas last week after torrential rains since mid-December damaged thousands of homes and flooded farm lands.”
    • NSW, Australia. More areas in Australia’s New South Wales state have been declared as disaster zones. “Central Darling, Cobar, Conargo, Hay, Jerilderie, Junee, Murray, Lachlan and Berrigan Shires and the Unincorporated Area of NSW” have been added  to the list of Natural Disaster zones, emergency services minister Steve Whan said. “This brings the total number of councils Natural Disaster declared since 1December to 77.”
    • Montana, USA. USDA has designated 9 additional  counties in the state of Montana as natural disaster areas in response to  severe rainfall which destroyed/damaged crops in the summer.  The disaster areas are Blaine, Chouteau, Fergus, Golden Valley, Judith Basin, Musselshell, Petroleum, Phillips and Wheatland counties. Teton County was declared a disaster area in November.
    • Victoria, Australia. Floods in Victoria have killed more than 6,000 sheep and destroyed about 41,000ha of crops, reports say.
  • Day 391 [January 26, 2011]

    • Philippines. Death toll from floods and landslides in the Philippines has climbed to at least 73, as property damage reached the P2-billion mark, a report said.
    • Vietnam. About 26,500 farm animals in Vietnam have died from the severe cold, a report said. “Hoang Kim Giao, head of the Department of Husbandry under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), said it is a result of the recent cold spell, now having lasted for over 20 days, in 19 cities and provinces from central Thua Thien Hue Province to the far northern provinces.”
    • Tonga.  Cyclone WILMA struck Tonga’s Ha’apai Islands with category 3 force, devastating food crops and causing damage to many buildings, a report said.  WILMA is now headed for New Zealand.
  • Day 392 [January 27, 2011]

    • Egypt. The corrupt Egyptian President Mubark’s police force have killed about a dozen demonstrators, beaten and arrested hundreds more including  journalists, reports say. The crowds are protesting against unemployment, rocketing food prices and political corruption, demanding the dictator join his Tunisian counterpart in Saudi Arabia. Mubark is believed to have already fled the country.
    • Afghanistan. The 350th British soldier was killed in a blast from an IED  in Helmand province, reports say.
    • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Red Sea port city of Jeddah was placed under a state of emergency after torrential rains triggered intense flash floods killing up to a dozen people and causing widespread damage to infrastructure.  “Activists in Jeddah called on Thursday for a protest against poor infrastructure after deadly floods swamped Saudi Arabia’s second biggest city, a rare expression of dissent in the absolute monarchy.” Said a report.
  • Day 393 [January 28, 2011]

    • Sardinata, Colombia. An explosion at La Preciosa mine in Sardinata, northeastern Colombia, has killed at least 21 people, reports say. Another explosion at the same mine killed 32 miners in 2007 .
    • Indonesia.    A train collision and a ferry fire  have claimed 16 lives in Indonesia, reports say.
    • Baghdad, Iraq. Death toll from a bomb blast at a funeral procession in Baghdad has climbed to at least 51 people with another 123 wounded, Iraqi police has said.
    • East Coast, USA. About a dozen people have been killed or are critically injured in  yesterday’s East Coast snowstorm, reports say.
  • Day 394 [January 29, 2011]

    • Egypt. Death toll in the Egyptian clashes between the people and the country’s brutal police force has climbed to about 3 dozens, with hundreds, possibly thousands of people injured. Thousands of others have been arrested, as a dusk-to-dawn curfew is imposed and the army moves in to protect the country’s corrupt  pharaoh de joure.
    • South Africa. Death toll from flooding has now climbed to at least 120 with up to 10,000 people displaced since December. Eight of the country’s nine provinces have been declared disaster areas, as the damage reaches an estimated $30 million.
    • Cyclone WILMA. From east of Samoa, where it was formed, to Tonga and Fiji, where it was strengthened to a category 4 force, cyclone WILMA left a trail of destruction, killing at least 3 people. Weakened to a tropical storm, WILMA hit New Zealand’s North Island dumping up to 300mm of rain, inundating vast areas and triggering  severe mudslides and landslips.  The floods have caused “substantial damage to the region’s road network,” and killed hundreds, possibly thousands of farm animals, according to local reports.  Much of the drinking water sources and coastal waters in flooded areas have been contaminated with sewage overflows.
    • Philippines. Two cities of  Cebu and Mandaue in the Philippines Cebu province have been declared as disaster areas, after widespread flash floods were triggered
      by torrential rains, a report said.
  • Day 395 [January 30, 2011]

    • Egypt. The brutal Egyptian security apparatus have killed at least 150 demonstrators across the country since January 25, when anti-government rallies began, reports say.
    • Brazil. Death toll from Rio de Janeiro floods and landslides have risen to at least 844, reports say. Up to 9,000 people have lost their homes, with about 21,000 evacuated.
    • Germany. At least 10 people have been killed and up to 3 dozen others injured in a train crash in eastern Germany, reports say.
    • Illinois, USA. USDA has declared 16 southern Illinois counties as agricultural disaster areas following   the drought that began in summer 2010 and lasted through fall, a report said. “The 16 counties declared as primary disaster areas are: Alexander, Edwards, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Jackson, Johnson, Massac, Pope, Pulaski, Saline, Union, Wayne, White and Williamson. The contiguous counties approved for disaster assistance include: Clay, Jefferson, Marion, Perry, Randolph, Richland and Wabash in Illinois; Posey and Gibson in Indiana; Ballard, Crittenden, Livingston, McCracken, and Union in Kentucky; Cape Girardeau, Mississippi, Perry, and Scott in Missouri.”
    • Florida, USA. USDA has declared 34 Florida counties as agricultural disaster areas following the December freeze. An additional 28 counties are contiguous disaster areas.
    • Pennsylvania, USA. USDA has designated Adams, Cumberland, Franklin and York  counties as primary and contiguous disaster areas, following severe drought that began June 5, 2010, and continues. Carroll and Frederick Counties in Maryland are included in the disaster designation because they are contiguous.
  • Day 396 [January 31, 2011]

    • Nigeria. Death toll from sectarian clashes in central Nigeria has climbed to 35, a report said.
    • California, USA. Both the state and federal government have declared Tulare County a disaster area following two weeks of storm which caused widespread flooding, a report said. “Tulare County, Visalia and Porterville — as well as the Stone Corral School District in Seville, which experienced light flood damage — eligible for federal financial assistance, along with state assistance, to cover most of their flood-related repair and recovery costs.”
    • Massachusetts, USA. USDA has declared five Massachusetts counties, including Barnstable and Bristol, as natural disaster areas because of “unseasonably hot, dry weather last summer” that destroyed or damaged cranberry crops, a report said.


2011 Disaster Calendar

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2010 Disaster Calendar

January 2010 | February 2010 | March 2010 | April 2010 | May 2010 | June 2010 | July 2010 | August 2010 | September 2010 | October 2010 | November 2010 | December 2010

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