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Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

Australia: More Severe Weather Looms

Posted by feww on January 5, 2011

Speaking of Megadisasters …

Australia’s record flooding could last until May 2011

Who knows what back-to-back disasters looming around the corner …

Heavy rainfall leading to localized flash flooding, which could worsen the existing  river flood situation is forecast for the Eastern Darling Downs, Granite Belt, Southeast Coast, Wide Bay and Burnett and the Capricornia districts, BOM has warned.

Rockhampton Update


Issued at 6:47 PM on Wednesday the 5th of January 2011 (Bureau of Meteorology, Brisbane)

Major flooding continues along the Dawson, Comet, Mackenzie and Fitzroy Rivers.

The Fitzroy River at Rockhampton has remained steady at about 9.2 metres during Wednesday. It is expected to remain about its current level overnight and into Thursday.

Flood levels will remain above the major flood level of 8.5 metres for 1 week after the peak.

Australian Region Infrared Satellite Image

Source: Image from Japan Meteorological Agency satellite MTSAT-1R via Bureau of Meteorology. Posted: Wednesday 5 January 2011 13:31 UTC

Drought? What Drought?

Meanwhile, the south-west corner of Western Australia (WA) continues to experience its driest cropping season on record. The major wheat-growing region in the southwest of the state has received its lowest ever rainfall of 310mm (12.5 inches), some 12% lower tahn the previous low of 348mm recorded in 1914.

Queensland Weather and Warnings

Flood Warnings, Rainfall and River Information

New South Wales Warnings Summary

All Australia Weather Warnings

6 Responses to “Australia: More Severe Weather Looms”

  1. celticlion said


    Can’t find an email address. I was one of the scientists that set up the present generation of UK climate models which contributed to the 2007 Nobel. (not that I agree with them) Also you may remember the UK Governments Chief Scientist giving global publicity to a risk assessment that climate change was a great threat than terrorism. Only he wasn’t the author, I was. My work was ‘sanitised’. M

    Can’t find your email address, if you contact me via my blog or email me on I’ll forward you the original submission to a UN report. I am sure you will find the submission extremely interesting, reading the original source.

    ‘uninhabitable by 2015 or earlier’ that will do nicely

    • feww said

      Hi Roger
      Thanks for stopping by. Visited your blog earlier. Your point about future makes perfect sense. At this juncture, with both the climate and socioeconomic tipping points well and truly behind us, the question is no longer the “where,” “how” or “when,” but WHY?

      You may be interested to visit our affiliated blogs at

      • celticlion said

        Personally I do not believe the climate and socio economic tipping points are behind us I believe we have about 18 months left. To stop the next great extinction it will need a co-ordinated effort. All the ‘values’ that brought us to this point need to be thrown out and replaced. These are the ‘why’.

        The collapse of planetary ecological life support systems was nearly prevented when UK Government consultants shortlisted this proposal for the Millennium Dome.

        Have looked at one of the blogs above. As an engineer don’t really need anymore info on the problem. The solutions are all available. The challenge is how do we implement them.

        If Celtic Lion launches a revamped project to stop global ecosystem collapse would your organisation(s) join in. We have 18 months, so it is a big effort from around the world.

        If you give me a contact email I’ll forward my work for a UN report and you’ll have some more insight into the whys .

        You blogs are excellent at raising the problems, could be work together to implement the solutions.

        • feww said

          Asking the ‘where” and ‘how’ and ‘when’ questions instead of the ‘why’ has lead us to the blind alley where we are now. Asking the ‘why’ question would have provided us with a road map into the future.

          The solution?

          For any let-up to conceivably occur in the severity or rapidity of catastrophes that are lining up for humans, the global energy consumption must fall from its current level of about 17.3terrawatt to less than 1.9terrawatt.

          What are the chances of that occurring without nature’s direct intervention?

          • celticlion said

            My company has the road map. If no one else has one we can use that. Just need the resources to implement it.

            The immediate threat is collapse of global ecological systems. This was the lesson on 21st Jan 2008. The economic system crashed in a morning.

            This will happen to ecological systems. When it does there is no going back. It will be a massive extinction. With no one to maintain toxic chemical and nuclear dumps, reactors etc the biosphere will be poisoned for millions of years.

            Forget energy it is irrelevant, it is only a method of manipulating resources, more especially destabilisation of ecological systems.

            Go straight to whole Earth entropy or rather more accurately negative entropy. We are part of the planet, therefore part of nature. our correct intervention now is part of a natural process.

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