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Severe Storms Attack Australia

Posted by feww on January 20, 2011


Vicious Storms Attacking Queensland

Australian Region Infrared Satellite Image

Queensland Warnings Summary

Current Warnings

Victoria Farming Disaster

Floodwaters have submerged at least a third of the Australian state of Victoria, inundating at least 62 towns and killing hundreds of thousands of poultry and scores of other farm animals. Floods have damaged a reported 1,730 properties, affecting at least 4,300 people.

Click Image to enlarge. Source: Victorian Farmers Federation, ABARES, via The  Australian.

Flood Headlines

Towns isolated as floods swamp Victoria

Current Warnings

Flooding in the Australian Interior

Click image to enlarge. Download larger image (8 MB, JPEG)

Click image to enlarge.
Download large image (5 MB, JPEG)

Floods continue  to spread across the interior of southeastern Australia, namely in the states of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. Both false-color images above use a combination of visible light and infrared to enhance the contrast between land and water. Water appears in shades of blue. The top image was captured by MODIS on NASA’s Aqua satellite on on January 20, 2011, the bottom image on January 22, 2010. Source: NASA-EO

Victoria Floods – Satellite Images

Flooding in Victoria – January 2011

Click image to enlarge.
Download larger image (14 MB, JPEG)

Floodwaters continued to surge from Australia’s state of New South Wales to its southern neighbor Victoria on January 19, 2011 causing substantial damage to infrastructure and agricultural produce. These images use infrared and visible light to enhance contrast between land and water. Top image was captured by MODIS  on NASA’s
Terra satellite on January 19, 2011, bottom image nearly a year earlier on January 20, 2010. Water shows in shades of blue.

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