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Australia Floods: ‘Inland sea’ spreads across Victoria

Posted by feww on January 23, 2011

Mega Disasters Continue to Unfold in Australia

Massive inland sea of floodwater, 100km long, spreads across the Victoria

The floodwater is wiping out farms as it moves deeper into the north-west corner of Australian state of Victoria, reports say.

The Victorian Premier, Ted Baillieu, said an inland sea was  flowing into the north-west of the state:

“From the air this vast mass of water is making its way down the rivers and it’s on its way to Swan Hill, it’s on its way to the Murray and preparations continue in all these downstream towns.”

Inland Sea – Floodwaters around the town of Kerang. Landholders are trying to save what they can on their farms by moving livestock and machinery to higher ground. Image credit: ABC. Image may be subject to copyright .

“This has been a long battle and people are starting to get tired. This flood incident still has a number of weeks to go.” The State Emergency Service’s Kevin Monk said.

Australia Flood Map

Queensland Flood Map

New South Wales Flood Map

Victoria Flood Map

Source of Flood Maps: BOM

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