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Australia: Another Storm May Be Brewing

Posted by feww on February 3, 2011

Another Storm May Be in the Making, Headed for Queensland

Image of the Day:

Where they make the Queensland storms?

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Posted by feww on February 3, 2011


The mega snowstorm, which stretched about 2,100 miles and left parts of the Midwest under 2 feet of snow, has killed at least 12 people, the authorities said.

At least 21 states from New Mexico to New Hampshire had received a minimum of 13cm (5 inches) of snow by 9:00am on February 2.

Chicago and Cook county, where schools were closed once again, received 51.3cm  (20.2 inches) of snow, weighing an estimated 500 million metric tons, a February record and the 3rd biggest ever for the city.

Massive snowstorm covers much of the U.S.

Image Source: NOAA – Dated Feb 3, 2011.

GOES-13 image shows the storm at 21:31UTC on February 1. “Heavy snow, ice, freezing rain, and frigid wind battered about two thirds of the United States, making it ‘a winter storm of historic proportions,’ said the National Weather Service.” At least 21 states from New Mexico to New Hampshire had received a minimum of 13cm (5 inches) of snow by 9:00am on February 2, the National Weather Service reported. Chicago, where the schools were closed once again, received 51.3cm  (20.2 inches) of snow, a February record and the 3rd biggest ever for the city. The snow record for Chicago is 58.4 cm (23 inches) set on January 26–27, 1967. SOURCE: NASA-EO. Click image to enlarge.

Photo-like true color of snow extent in the U-S.

on NASA’s Terra satellite captured the above composite images in 3 separate overpasses on February 2. “The top image shows the United States in photo-like true color. The lower image was made with both visible light and infrared light to distinguish between clouds and snow. Snow is turquoise, while clouds are white and pale blue. The exception is a turquoise streak of icy clouds over Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.”  SOURCE: NASA-EO. Click images to enlarge.

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Snow Cover Animations:

Click Below for 31 Day Animations

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Posted by feww on February 3, 2011

YASI Still a CAT 2 Cyclone Leaving a Trail of Destruction in its Path

Innisfail, Mission Beach, Tully, Tully Heads and Cardwell have borne the brunt of the category five mega cyclone, early reports say.

The mega  cyclone made landfall between Innisfail and Cardwell about midnight local time. The eye took more than an hour to cross the coast.


Issued at 7:48 am EST Thursday 3 February 2011. Refer to Tropical Cyclone Advice Number 32 [mirrored below.]

Map legend. Source: BOM

The ‘Devil’ and its Tail


Australian Region Infrared Satellite Image

Source: Australia Bom

YASI: About 14 hours after landfall …

Source: CIMSS

Infrared Image of Cyclone YASI taken by AIRS

At 03:29 UTC /1:29 p.m. Australia local time on Febr. 2 (10:29 p.m. EST, Feb. 1), the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument captured an infrared image of Cyclone Yasi as its center was just southeast of Willis Island. The infrared image showed powerful thunderstorms with strong convection and heavy rainfall (purple) surrounding a large area around a very clear eye. Image and caption: NASA

A Trail of Destruction: More, Even Bigger Disasters to Follow

“Cyclone YASI has almost wiped out Australia’s banana industry and vast tracts of caneland, with plantations flattened by the fierce winds,” a report said.

Banana crops destroyed b y YASI. Crops intended for human consumption destroyed by yet another human-enhanced disaster. The storm surge has left a vast area under water. Source: News Limited via the Australian. Image may be subject to copyright.

The Sheer Power of YASI. A freeze frame from Australian TV. Image may be subject to copyright.

IDQP0005 – Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology Queensland — Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre

Media: Transmitters serving the area from Port Douglas to Bowen and inland to Richmond and Croydon are requested to USE the Standard Emergency Warning Signal
before broadcasting the following warning.

TROPICAL CYCLONE ADVICE NUMBER 32 — Issued by the Bureau of Meteorology, Brisbane  —  Issued at 7:46am EST on Thursday the 3rd of February 2011

A Cyclone WARNING is current for coastal and island communities from Cairns to Ayr, extending west across the tropical interior to Mt. Isa.

At 8:00 am EST Tropical Cyclone Yasi, Category 2 was estimated to be 110 kilometres south southeast of Georgetown and 245 kilometres west southwest of Cardwell and moving southwest at 38 kilometres per hour.


The DESTRUCTIVE CORE of Yasi, with gusts in excess of 125 km/h, will weaken as it continues to move in a west-southwesterly direction. Yasi is south-east of Georgetown and will be near Mt Isa tonight as a tropical depression.

DAMAGING WINDS, with gusts above 90 km/hr, are occurring along the coast and extend inland to Georgetown and Hughenden. They will extend further west towards Richmond and Julia Creek during the day.

HIGHER THAN NORMAL TIDES and large waves will continue between Port Douglas and Ayr and sea levels may again exceed the high water mark on the morning high tide.

FLOOD RAINS will continue along the coast and ranges, with heavy rains extending across the adjacent inland.

FLOOD WARNINGS are current for a number of rivers between Cairns and Mackay.

People in the path of the dangerous cyclone should stay calm and remain in a secure shelter while the destructive winds continue.
– Do not venture outside if you find yourself in the eye of the cyclone; destructive winds from a different direction could resume at any time.
– Follow the advice or directions of Police, Emergency Services personnel and local authorities.
– For cyclone preparedness and safety advice, visit Queensland’s Disaster Management Services website []
– For emergency assistance call the Queensland State Emergency Service [SES] on 132 500 [for assistance with storm damage, rising flood water, fallen trees on buildings or roof damage].

Details of Tropical Cyclone Yasi at 8:00 am EST:
.Centre located near…… 19.2 degrees South 143.9 degrees East
.Location accuracy…….. within 35 kilometres
.Recent movement………. towards the southwest at 38 kilometres per hour
.Wind gusts near centre… 140 kilometres per hour
.Severity category…….. 2
.Central pressure……… 983 hectoPascals

Please ensure that neighbours have heard and understood this message, particularly new arrivals or those who may not fully understand English.

The next advice will be issued by 11:00 am EST Thursday 03 February.

This warning is also available through TV and Radio Broadcasts; the Bureau’s website at or call 1300 659 212. The Bureau and the State Emergency Service would appreciate this warning being broadcast regularly.

Australia Weather Warnings:

Queensland Warnings Summary

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