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Latest US Snowstorm Exits, ‘Two More’ Arriving

Posted by feww on February 7, 2011

The Latest US Snowstorm Left the East Coast, Making Room for Two More

The latest storm left East Coast on Sunday, after dumping another 3 inches of snow over Chicago.

A new front is departing from the Midwest and is forecast “to bring snow from the Ohio Valley throughout the Northeast starting Sunday night,” a forecaster said.

“Schools in Seabrook, New Hampshire, have been closed since Wednesday of last week and those in Methuen, Massachusetts, schools are expected to remain shut through at least Wednesday of this week to remove rooftop snow,” a report said.

Click Images to enlarge. (24-Hr FE ED). Click HERE to Animate Image. (Source: SSEC/Wisc-Uni)

US Weather Forecast – NOAA

US Snow Cover: February 6, 2011

Area Covered By Snow: 48.3%
Area Covered Last Month: 44.9%
Snow Depth
Average: 7.3 in
Minimum: 0.0 in
Maximum: 909.9 in
Std. Dev.: 12.8 in
Snow Water Equivalent
Average: 1.6 in
Minimum: 0.0 in
Maximum: 448.9 in
Std. Dev.: 3.6 in

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2 Responses to “Latest US Snowstorm Exits, ‘Two More’ Arriving”

  1. feww said

    Blizzard 2011 leaves record snowfall
    the record for February snowfall in one day
    Blizzard 2011 leaves record snowfall–leaves-record–snowfall
    Tulsa Sets A Snow Record
    Record Arkansas Snowfall Forces Statewide Standstill
    Syracuse half a foot closer to snowfall record territory
    Record breaking winter storm for Springdale, AR.

  2. Jack said

    [1. Homes in New Mexico being out of natural gas was mentioned in an earlier post.
    2. Our Models show with a high degree of certainty that several climatic extremes are swinging into uncharted territories. The results, however, don’t cover hourly/daily temperature forecasts for small geographic locations, e.g, within a ZIP code, 12 months in advance. Moderator]

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