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Mt. Baekdu Could Erupt: Report

Posted by feww on February 11, 2011

N.Korea ‘Preparing for Eruption of Mt. Baekdu’

Mt. Baekdu may erupt, according to North Korean authorities, Radio Free Asia reports.

Local geologists are again warning of a volcanic eruption at Mt. Baekdu, a volcano located on the border between North Korea and China.

Baitoushan Volcano, China and North Korea

Mt Baekdu Volcano, April 2003. Source: NASA/JSC

Original Caption:

One of the largest known eruptions of the modern geologic period (the Holocene) occurred at Baitoushan Volcano (also known as Changbaishan in China and P’aektu-san in Korea) about 1000 A.D., with erupted material deposited as far away as northern Japan—a distance of approximately 1,200 kilometers. The eruption also created the 4.5-kilometer-diameter, 850-meter-deep summit caldera of the volcano, which is now filled with the waters of Lake Tianchi (or Sky Lake). This oblique astronaut photograph was taken during the winter season, and snow highlights frozen Lake Tianchi and lava flow lobes along the southern face of the volcano.

Baitoushan last erupted in 1702, and geologists consider it to be dormant. Gas emissions were reported from the summit and nearby hot springs in 1994, but no evidence of renewed activity of the volcano was observed. The Chinese-Korean border runs directly through the center of the summit caldera, and the mountain is considered sacred by the predominantly Korean population living near the volcano. Lake Tianchi is a popular resort destination, both for its natural beauty and alleged sightings of unidentified creatures living in its depths (similar to the legendary Loch Ness Monster in Scotland).

Changbaishan,aka Baitoushan (Korean: Baegdu or P’aektu-san)

Country: China/Korea
Region: Eastern China
Last Known Eruption: 1903
Summit Elevation: 2,744m (9,003 feet)
Latitude: 41.98°N 41°59’0″N
Longitude: 128.08°E 128°5’0″E
Source: GVP

Mt. Baekdu Volcano eruption in 1903 (?) Source NEWSIS via Chosunilbo. Image may be to subject to copyright.

Lake Tianchi (or Sky Lake) at the summit caldera of Mt. Baekdu Volcano. Promotional photo published by N. Korean government.

“Quoting sources in Ryanggang Province, North Korea, the station said two geography professors of Kim Jung-suk University of Education involved in a Mt. Baekdu expedition team have recently been to Pyongyang to attend a seminar on Mt. Baekdu volcanic activity.” Chosunilbo reported.

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