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Posted by feww on February 12, 2011

BINGIZA to Intensify to a Cat 1 Storm

TC BINGIZA – IR Satellite image.
Source: CIMSS.  Click image to enlarge.

At 09:00UTC on February 12, TROPICAL CYCLONE BINGIZA (TC 13S) was located approx 815km (Position near 15.7ºS 53.6ºE) ENE of Antananarivo, Madagascar moving slowly southward in a weak steering environment, JTWC said.

BINGIZA is forecast to strengthen to a category 1 storm with sustained winds of near 150km/hr before making landfall.

3 Responses to “Cyclone BINGIZA”

  1. N. R. said

    the position labelled mauritius in this picture is not the right

    place. mauritius is found just near reunion island.

    saint brandon island has been labelled as mauritius.

  2. N. R. said

    [Mascarene Islands comprise Mauritius, Réunion and Rodrigues among others. See satellite image at Moderator ]

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