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NZ Govt and Google Buried Quake Warnings

Posted by feww on February 22, 2011

New Zealand Quake Update

Why Did New Zealand Govt and Google Bury Specific Quake Warnings?

FIRE-EARTH Blog has been posting specific quake warning for New Zealand Region since 2008, all of which have been buried by New Zealand govt and Google. [See links below.]

Latest NZ Earthquake Update and WARNINGS:

  • NZ’s Prime Minister John Key has confirmed at least 65 deaths in the Christchurch as a result of today’s earthquakes. “We may be witnessing New Zealand’s darkest day,” he told TVNZ.
  • Mayor Bob Parker has said the death toll could quite possibly double.
  • Many foreign tourists may be among the casualties.
  • It’s unlikely that the secretive government would ever reveal the exact number of fatalities and casualties.
  • Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said up to 200 people are trapped in buildings across the city.
  • Many people are still reported as missing.
  • The power is cut off and phone lines are down throughout Christchurch, as the authorities evacuate the central areas of the city because of the widespread damage to buildings, roads and other infrastructure.
  • Water supplies have been cut-off/disrupted throughout most of the city
  • Many roads have been severely damaged and there are reports of widespread liquefaction and flooding.
  • The epicenter was close to the town of Lyttelton (population: 3,000), about 12km SE of Christchurch and described as “unlivable” by a TV reporter.
  • Sixty percent of buildings in Lyttelton’s main street  were destroyed, the chief fire officer has reported.
  • In the central suburb of Waltham, as well as several other areas, the ground was “completely liquefied” following  the quakes.
  • The quakes have had a knock-on effect on air travel, with all commercial flights throughout New Zealand grounded.
  • Today’s earthquakes, so far,  were the second deadliest wave to strike New Zealand since a 1931 M7.8 earthquake killed 256 people in city of Napier, Hawke’s Bay region.
  • Three significant shocks have struck the area, as of posting, with the most recent one registering 5.5Mw at 01:50UTC.
  • Technically, larger shocks could strike anytime, FIRE-EARTH believes.

  • FIRE-EARTH has identified a number of potential seismic ‘Ground Zeros,’ areas prone to devastation, in the New Zealand Region, some of which coincide with population centers. New Zealand government has a moral responsibility and legal duty to relocate their people from those areas.

  • Christchurch could become unlivable in the near future.

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6 Responses to “NZ Govt and Google Buried Quake Warnings”

  1. LT said

    [Will call, when we need you. Moderator]

  2. ED said

    I found this website via Hakia (now my default search engine). So sick of the G00gle spies.

    Love to all those living through these quakes.

  3. beau said

    The Top of this page the headlines “Govt and Google bury Quake warnings.” No one could hide from the residents and people of Christchurch the endless number of earthquakes since September 4. Its just that the so called experts mislabelled them “AFTERSHOCKS” instead of “PRELIMINARIES, DRESS REHEARSELS, OR ENTREES etc.” They can predict their will be shakes or course just not when they will be a ROCKING KILLER shake or a ROLLING SHAKE. No one wants to see people running around in a mad panic but one likewise no wants to be killed because the authorities sugar coated or down played the seriousness of the situation in order to avoid the above. Their are two dormant volcanoes near by. What’s to say their is not seismic lava activity going on?

    • feww said

      “No one could hide from the residents and people of Christchurch the endless number of earthquakes since September 4.”

      The foreign visitors/students who lost their lives or were seriously injured had absolutely no idea what they were walking into!

      “Their are two dormant volcanoes near by. What’s to say their is not seismic lava activity going on?”

      There’s more than 50 percent probability that one of them could fire THIS YEAR!

      YOUR govt scientists have NO RIGHT to persuade Christchurchers that the worst is over because it isn’t. The importance of understanding this simply cannot be stressed enough.

      FIRE-EARTH believes that unprecedented cataclysmic geophysical events [seismic, volcanic …] WILL destroy much of New Zealand islands within the next few years.

  4. feww said

    Twelve Japanese students reported missing
    Twelve Japanese students from a foreign language school have been reported missing in the rubble of a Christchurch building.

    The Sankei Shimbun newspaper said two Japanese teachers and nine students were rescued, but 12 students from were missing in the Peterborough St building. They are from Toyama city.
    NNN television news network has quoted Toyama city authorities as saying that three of the rescued students have been taken to hospital, one in a serious condition.

  5. feww said

    MESSAGES for the missing:

    – Missing Maree Washbourne. Works for the Police in CHCH based in the city offices.

    – Missing Lily Duval. Was working in the Piko Wholefoods store on the corner of Kilmore and Barbados Streets.

    – Missing Helen Nesbit and Colleen Morgan

    – Can’t contact my brother Neil Cameron. He runs an advertising agency in Merivale with 50 staff Harvey Cameron Advertising. So worried about him and his wife, Ange, and two children Timmie and Will.

    – My family is waiting to hear from my Dad’s sisters: Jenny Herring, Trevor and Lillian Herring.

    – Is there any information on St Margarets Hospital in Cashmere?

    – Please does anyone have information on Lyttelton West Primary School and the children from there? Looking for Fajbian Sanerivi.

    – Liz Edwards, David Edwards, Bronwen Stowe, Andrew Stowe, Georgina Drury, Ann Shaw – are you okay?

    – I’m waiting to hear from my sister, located in City Central. Janine Vialoux.

    – Richard Tyson. He owns/operates a shop called PIRATE BOOKS & BYTES 22 Poplar St Christchurch.

    – My mum Alison Hills.

    – Is any damage at Avonmore Teritary? We are trying to contact our daughter is training there, Abby Sullivan.

    – Jane Knight – Anne and Terry are at Steven and Kim’s. If you can’t get through to them text Anna where you are 021756393 and I’ll let them know. Linda Knight – the folks in Christchurch are doing OK.

    – Emma Kwaza (nee Gustavsson) and Leon Kwaza, Oxford

    – Nathan Keene, working at the airport

    – Melissa Bruce and family, Opawa works near airport

    – Jade Coleman, 8 years old, attending Opawa school

    – Bronwyn Lilley works for Mavrick in Chch, husband cannot get a hold of her.

    – Melanie ring us anytime, I love you and hope you are all safe. Love Liz, Jack, Riley and Dave H

    – Troy Mattingley, aged 26, resident of Riccarton. His partner is Alice.

    – Nanise Dunning, Fendalton

    – I’m looking for my mum, Judy Illingworth. She was working at ACC in the Trust Building on Oxford Street. And I also haven’t heard from my brother, Daniel Wyatt who may have been at the polytech.

    – Missing Patti Renaud, working in the Christchurch Central Library in the centre of town.
    Ad Feedback

    – Everyone from Animates Pet Stores and Head Office in Christchurch. Hoping they are all okay – Sandi

    – My father who is over 80 lives in Redcliffs … I am in Tonga and trying to get to NZ. Jo Taylor

    – Paula Crean – works for Methodist Mission Social Services in Bealey Avenue

    – Allison Stocks. Canadian exchange student at University of Canterbury.

    – Barry Linfoot- Wyon Street. Please let Jamie & Tracee know you’re okay!

    – Trevor and Izzy Forrester they run the juniper jewellery shop in Christchurch

    – Paul Woodhouse went to Christchurch from Ashburton today.

    – Allan McLachlan, he does not have a cellphone, and is almost 80. He lives in Shirley.

    – Does anyone know the state of the bus exchange?

    – Jane Robertson. Works for Westpac Trust.

    – Rodney Elliott sometimes has coffee in the square at lunchtimes, please call your Mum.

    – Johanna king, law student at lincoln university.

    – Tim Brown visiting Christchurch from Sydney – please contact Sue Brown

    – Kayla Campbell, Room 21, St Albans School: Dear Kayla Have been in contact with mum – dad is looking for you – love you Nan

    – Waiting to hear if my neice Laura Roberts and her small daughter Dakoda Roberts who reside in Lyttleton are ok.

    – Hope Jess & Mark, Finn & Olivia Waddell from Chimera Cresc New Brighton are all safe.

    – Angela Ross, or her children, Alice and Charlie. Need to know they are okay.

    – Hugh Conly (sub editor at The Press), or if you know if the Christchurch Press staff/buildings were okay

    – My Mum, Ngaire Sowman from Sth New Brighton. She in her 70’s and alone. Please if you have heard from her let her know her family love her and are thinking of her.

    – The aoraki polytech my partner was there and i have heard nothing from her, please I need to see if she is ok.

    – My brother Jeremy Gunn, who works in the ChCh city council building.

    – Jane Hackett, works at Christchurch Library Archives. Found

    – Robin Stringer, Lyttleton. Found.

    – Rachael and David Giesbers. Found.

    – Shirley Lim is looking for Li Li who works for the Christchurch City Council as an electrical engineer.

    – john, wendy, tawio, kura and cas cassidy, live in cashmere hills. grant, faith, natalia and miah (auckland) are hoping you are all okay.

    – Katherine Muir and her mother Helen Duggan, were going for lunch potentially in Sumner

    – My neighbour Margaret Ryan of Lower Hutt is waiting on news about her daughter, Rosemary, who works at the IRD building in town

    – Clara Sweetman and Jane Egerton

    – Nanu and Binaya Sharma. We are worried. Please be in touch. Otherwise come down to Dunedin. Niranjan/Saraswati and Samrat

    – Daniel Westlake or Sophie Quarterman both live and work in the area. Now found.

    – My mother-in-law Janet Eder is working in the CDB we haven’t heard from her as yet.

    – josie bill george and charlotte cowen.

    – Chloe Smith, we all hope you are well and please contact us as soon as possible – big brother.

    – Any news from the University of Canterbury campus? Any reports of casualties?

    – Rebecca Stewart, works for BECA. Please get in touch, worried sick! x – Matt A.

    – Robin and Willie Dann, infant daughter Sydney, American tennis players at World Tournament. Please call home when service is available, call Meadow Creek if you can, family waiting.

    – Looking for my brother Richard Aspinall and Fabiana Aspinall and their two kids.

    – Rose Adamson, your mum Margaret is my neighbour, she’s waiting to hear from you.

    – Peter Evans was working on Worchester st.

    – Waiting to hear from Brian & Shirley Joyce.

    – My sister Maureen Simpson works at Police Headquarters, Christchurch CBD. My brother John Dooley, Wakelin Place, Redwood.

    – Would Graham Copp please contact his daughter Hayley Copp in Australia either by phone or by txt.

    – I want to know where my boyfriend Nicholas David Ross is. I am extremely worried. He was at work the time the earthquake struck. On Branston Street, Hornby. I’m not sure of the place but it is a factory.

    – I am trying to locate my daughter Leanne Watson, lives in Heywood Tce and at the University.

    – My friend Catherine Steensma. She works in Chch in the Solid Energy building, 15 Show Place, Addington

    – If anyone has any contact with Suresh Gladsdone and family please ask them to get a hold of Rob and Christina Baskaran as soon as possible.

    – The Helmlings – Noelene and Ivan Jackways – Dayle & Reanna Tawhara-Montgomery and family all from Chch. Family in Auckland want to know you guys are ok.

    – Our daughter is a tourist in route from Franz Josef Glacier to Queenstown at time of quake. Do you know if the glacier or the road was affected?

    – Cynthia Hawes and Ian Kennedy please txt Michele Kennedy.

    – Sine Stewart, manager at Stonehurst Accomodation – text Jen and Brendon when you are able and let us know you’re ok!

    – Waiting to hear from Linley/Neil/Kim/Jenny Wilson – The Guys

    – Has anyone got any news on Kate Sheppard Retirement Home, my nana is in ther and im really worried bout her.

    – Can’t get through to Shirley & Ivan Norton. They live at 380 Ellesmere Junction Rd, Springston. If you live in Springston, could you please check up on them, then send a message to Also, have nephew at Papanui High School (Antonio Whitworth-Chapman); does anyone know how they’re doing?

    – I am in the US and I can’t contact my son Ben Brown. He is a law student – is the Uni ok?

    – Any news about the state of Burnham Army camp?

    – Waiting to hear from my brother and family – Andrew, Tanya, Jack and Millie Crossland. Please call us and us know you are ok- Crosslands in Raglan.

    – My mum is a teacher at ethier Riccarton high or St Andrews… her name is Philippa Lane! I need to know she is ok.

    – Bill Menzel – works for the High Court.

    – Needing word from and about my son and granddaughters – Deane Rushbrook – working in Battersea Street, Sydenham; Ella Rushbrook age 9 pupil at Selwyn House School, Papanui Road; ucia Rushbrook age 8 pupil at Selwyn House School, Papanui Road
    Please contact Mum and David in Timaru 02102573732

    – My friend Caroline Straight from Willis Insurance Brokers.

    – Heni Tuhaka of Riccarton contact Moana 027 4251111 if you’re ok.

    – The MacDuff family – all would have been in CBD and surrounds.

    -Sara Bunny was working in The Press Building, Avenues Magazine. Her partner Alan is very anxious.

    – I can’t get through to my sister and family, Cheryl Steel, husband Mike and daughters Emma & Tess

    – Waiting to hear from TUKI WRIGHT AND PAPI POILA visiting from the Cook Islands, Landed at around 12.45 today at CHCH airport.

    – Mark McGarry – Get in touch and let us know you’re OK. Vikki

    – My sister Allison Hills and her kids, Kristee, Hannah, Matt and Oliver and her partner Stewart Herriott.

    – My friends Nicola and Hamish Cocks. Please let me know you are ok.Victoria Thorpe.

    – Anna Dunbar – her brothers and sisters in Australia are trying to contact her.

    – Barry and Alison Balsom. Both word for PWC in the city.

    – Royce Smart-Fry. Royce please let us know that you are ok – love you.

    – Urgently seeking news of Jenny – her sister and family are anxiously waiting for word. Please call Carolyn

    – Trying to contact my Uncle’s wife – Tania Dillon, not at home.

    – I haven’t heard from Jan Greive who works in CHCH lives in Fendalton with her children. Please call Wayne & Donna.

    – Does anyone know if my daughter Melanie Jane Lee is OK..? Also Chris Burt who teaches at Christchurch University.

    – Has anyone heard from Tracey Ryan – my cousin – inquiring from Australia – CORAL HARVEY

    – Checking on my brother Paul Gillespie and family and friend Linda Cromie.

    – Trying to get in contact With Tina and Hayden Webb, just need to know you both are alright.

    – I am trying to get hold of my family: Andrew Simpson, Sally Simpson, Omelia and Hannah Simpson. They live in Heathcote.

    – Barry, Lauren, Michael and Hayley Harcourt. Barry works for IRD in central city, Lauren is nurse. Family would like to know if you’re ok.

    – Dave and Amanda Allworthy in Aus cant get through to Margaret and Eddy and Mark and Steph, please let us know you guys are ok.

    – Pamela Johnston, Ilam but also volunteers at the cathedral. The Johnston family in Taitapu. Family in Wellington keen to hear from them.

    – Kirsten Rennie – teacher at Avonside Girls’ High and her two children Caspar and Bella Rennie-Weston who go to Lyttelton West School.

    -Tracey and Noel Chambers from Chambers PR in Fitzgerald Avenue.

    – I need to know that my brother and his wife, Johnny and Jen Taylor, are alright. They live in Cass Bay.

    – I’m missing 2 bus drivers – Jeremy Atkinson & Dave Rogers.

    – Chris Bignell, Karamu St, Christchurch

    – Has any heard about Ross, Sherryll and Bob Green, Live in Rangiora works in CH-CH. We cant get hold of them. Phone Dave, Mat, Ange or Andrew.

    – Joel, Lauren, Abby and Eli Porter – Hope you’re OK. Love, thoughts and prayers from Liz, Hannah and Rowan

    – Waiting to hear from my Mum and Dad, Gordon & Marlene Fairlie.

    – Kerry Hodgkinson, my aunt, works at the florist’s in Linwood Mall. Alana Hyland, engineering student at the uni, have texted and facebooked her but no reply. Kailee Smith and her family.

    – Waiting to hear from Kieran Williams, a dear friend of many of us further north.

    – We can’t get hold of my mother, Jocelyn Douglas, who works at Environment Canterbury on Kilmore Street.

    – My daughter Isla Rose Newton, just started Waltham primary school yesterday is the school okay.

    – Diana Law, Helen Bloomer and Hilary Bloomer-Law. Felicity hoping you are safe. Thinking of you all down there.

    -Leonie and john rusmassen from st lukes, woolstone. Their childrens and family.

    – Simon and Sonya & Paul Chris please call mom or dad, Luc.

    – Discovery One – where have the students been evauated to?

    – Jeremy Atkinson found & ok. Thank you God.

    – Wanting to know if Lyn and Kevin of the Sister Evelyn Retreat in Sumner and their family are ok.

    – I am missing two brothers both work in the city. Bruce Hartstonge, Perth

    – I am waiting to hear from my son and daughter in-law Christopher and Alicia Dunn. Chris works at the quarry I think is in Pound road and Lish works for Meridian Energy Limited in Manchester street.

    – Trying to get hold of my brother & sister in law. Alan and Kerryn Matthews – are you ok? – Kirsty, Jason & family – facebook me if you can.

    – Susan Selway in CTV building

    – Missing person Judy Illingworth and brother Daniel Wyatt – reply to daughter. I received a text from your Mum at 2.59pm saying they are all OK – Rani.

    – Looking for Nicky and Rory mackay. He works in CBD at the guiness (?) building that has apparently collapsed.


    – Waiting to hear from @Baxter_Man who lives in central Christchurch – @whskr, @Rumblepurr and the other twitter group just want to know you are safe. @Pollupuss11 and daddy are safe.

    – My mother is a resident in Radius St Ives Nursing home in Vogel St, Richmond. Does anyone know if the home is ok?

    – The Seaford Family from Fendalton Rd.

    – Waiting to hear from Parklands Hospital – 429 Papanui Road.

    – Wanting to know whats happening to the travellers heading to the UK today Anne Legg and her mother Hilda.

    – Adelene and Eric Moher from Linwood. Jenny & Brian want to know that you are both ok.

    – Cathy Chand, Jordan Chand, Nado, And their 3 kids 2 of which would have been at school when earth quake hit.

    – Johanna King (19). Please let me know you’re ok. Love Beka Foley

    – Vincent Chilton studying at Natcoll haven’t heard from him.
    Jeanette Chilton-Smith- mother.

    – No word yet from my mother in law Deborah Ryder, who is a lecturer at the NZ College of Early Childhood Education. We’re in London and extremely worried. Please let us know if any word.

    – Jean Haines. Can’t get hold of her. She is 84, living in saint alburns on own with no family in Christchurch. If someone can visit her in her flat please ring Michelle 0274393039

    – We’re missing 20 students from TCFL in Toyama Japan. They were at Kings Education in Christchurch. Please get back to us. Let us know you’re ok.

    – I have two American friends who were staying at the Holiday Inn City Centre on the corner of High and Cashel Streets. I have not been able to contact them or the hotel. Their names are Debbie and William (Andy) Anderson visiting from Fremont, California, USA.

    – I haven’t heard from my mum I think she was working at the airport. Lorraine Baker

    – Brian Sceats in Chch today from Dunedin. Please contact your sister Pam – 027 221 9882

    – Diane Thomson, we need to know you are ok. With love from your family in Auckland.

    – Rachel Pellett, working for Sovereign in Cashel Mall. Hope you are OK!

    – My 87 year old dad was admiited to ward 29 at ChCh hospital yesterday, his name is Charlie Taylor and he is in quite frail condition. Any information on where patients were evacuated to would be greatly appreciated.

    – ridget Cameron from ASB, Riccarton, Anita Wilson from ASB, Alison Clover from Markhams Accountants please let me know your okay – D Rode.

    – Looking for my sister – Justine Campbel, works Central City Telecom Call Centre.
    – Mr and Mrs. John Molik – children Lauren and Jared, ages 10 and 12. My 2 grandchildren attend Redcliffs school and they live on Drayton Drive.

    – Wanting to hear from Tracy and Darren Prince and the girls… let family know you’re OK!

    – Looking for REBECCA BYGRAVES and family, lives on Esplanade, Sumner. Kids attend SUMNER KINDERGARTEN and SELWYN HOUSE school and pre-school.

    – I am looking for Sue Ball and her son Zachary Sue works at the Pyne Gould guiness Building at Marsh insurance brokers and Zac goes to St martins

    – Tracy, Matt, James, Liam, Sophia and Connor Wheelans. Denise, Emmasha and Sam Prosser. Patrick and Ellen GARTY

    – My friend Gisele was travelling alone in Soulth Island on the Magic Bus trips. She doesn’t answer my calls and txt, and I have no idea which city she was last. Her name is Gisele Camilli – 36 years old, 175 hight blond her, blue eyes.

    – My sister Karen Johnston is missing. She lives a couple of streets away from Moorehouse Ave. Anyone who knows where she is could you ask her to contact her sister Cherie is Australia.

    – Looking for Stacey Roach. Is holidaying in ChCh from Perth.

    – Louis Greaney & Kerry & Rebecca Adams & Anthony Collett.

    – Kapoi Mathieson: where are you cousin. We’re all worried.
    email, fb or txt. Matt.

    – Waiting to hear from Glenn (Jed) Durham to make sure you are okay. Please let us know via f/book, txt, call, or on here. Bob

    – Missing Chelsea sears in Christchurch and and any other family members of timothy sears that live in christchurch

    – Sue Wade, Joanna and Roger Clifford, Philippa Graham, Derek and Kirsty Hargreaves, Simon and Nell Pascoe, Pam Rattray and all my wonderful Christchurch friends. We are so concerned for your safety. Liz and Jon Clarke, Colorado

    – Michael Sporke his wife Nikki and sons Robert and Andrew. Nikki works at the Christchurch hospital. Michael is a pharmacist at the local pharmacy in Rolleston.

    – We haven’t heard from our 93-year-old father Harry Aitken( Riccarton) and sister Isabel Aitken ( Cashmere) – her sons Lachlan ( with Lea), Alex and Andrew are all somewhere in Christchurch, maybe out at Fisherman’s Bay.

    – Ngaire Wareing – 86 yr old female in her blue/green toyota

    – Patricia Smith, Cashmere, pls let us know you are ok. George & Lois.

    – Would like to know if our dear whanau Huia Lambie in St Albans is safe please? Arohanui, from your Taranaki Whanau.

    – Grant Ovenden, wife Joe, daughter Mia, all safe & sound.

    – SU is wanting to hear from Richard & Barabara Starling

    – I’m trying to get news of my step sister Shannon-Leigh Litt – a lawyer.

    – Reece Allen – please contact Lucy Thompson to make sure you are safe.


    – My Daughter Rachael Beeton who lives with her partner Simon Risdon in Avon side – no answer so think phones are down – if ok please let us know x Joan Buckett

    – Just wanting to know if my Aunt Robyn Hunt and cousin Alistair Hunt and his family are safe. Thoughts are with you, love from your family in Canberra Australia.

    – Wanting to hear from Lance Hammond (works for the City Council) and his wife Kim and baby son Heath in New Brighton, their mate GREEBLE wants to know everyone is well, text if you can on 02111160106.

    – Clarke Boswell & Neelam Bhika from Island Bay, Wellington were taking in the sights today at Cathedral Square. No contact since 10am.

    – Julia Millaire and Geoff Hunt

    – Antony & Jeanette Raine from Wellington are wanting to know if Melissa and Paul Kelly and Melissa’s family are okay?

    – Sue Hart’s brother, Peter Cate here in Titahi Bay has been trying to make contact.

    – Bev Hurst, McFaddens Rd – text us Bev. Antony, Jo, Amanda and Ellie

    – Cannot still contact my son and family..Children attend Redcliffs Primary school….Please, if you know John Molik, Michaela Molik, and children Lauren and Jared contact us! .Please let us know if you are all right.

    – Looking for my best friend, Nicola Wilkins, moved there just over a week ago. Does not have a cell phone. Family haven’t heard from her. She would most likely have been at university.

    – I am living in Toronto, Ontario and have yet to hear from my brother in Christchurch. He is an employee at Kiwi Baescamp Hostel in Christchurch. His name is Daniel Collings. Please let me know if there is a number I can call to reach him or get information about the injured.

    – Trying to get in touch with Norrie Martin, probably at Christchurch Engine Center, and Anne Martin, probably at a Rangiora medical center at the time of the quake.

    – Betty & Stuart Webley, Redcliffs. Please, Nana & Granddad, let Rob & Jeanette or Liz & Stu know you’re both ok.

    – Missing Selma Scott

    – i wish to get in touch with any of the following family in Christchurch. Kathryn, Brent, Mitchell or Melissa Gracey. Michael, Barbara, Phillip or Kristy Bourgeois. Pamela Wilton

    – We need to hear from Tomas Sheehan, text mum or ross please.

    – Waiting to hear from Aaron Douglas & Karen Lilley. Aaron works at St Margarets or St Mary’s( a girls pvt school in town) & Karen works in Central ChCh.Hope you are ok.

    – Found Jocelyn Douglas. She was evacuated to Hagley Park and is ok.

    – Daniel and Emma Harrington and kids, please let us know that you are ok. The Watsons- Auckland.

    – Love to hear from Mary-Anne Harte that she is safe. Love from Tui in Melbourne.

    – I am hoping to hear from my friends. They are sisters and live some of the time in Akaroa and some of the time in Christchurch; Rachel Irving and Hannah Riden.

    – Clare Schrader. Possibly working at Ballantynes at the time of the earthquake.

    – Waiting to hear from Peter Cowan, lives in Perth and currently holidaying in Christchurch. Peter, please phone your sister Lynda in Hamilton (07) 8473994.

    – Looking for Kahlia Clarke – my 10 year old daughter. Also Bruce Milne and Wendy McCone from Hayes and Milne in Sydenham.

    – Wondering if my brother Peter Currie is okay – he works in Lyttelton at one of the ship yards.

    – Message for Ann De Biak working for Inland Revenue and in Christchurch for the day. Ann are you ok? Can you text someone at work to let us know.

    – The Johnston family from Rolleston – Pip, Sandy, Tash, Ethan and Karl and Baby Blake who was born during the last big one – we all thinking of you and waiting to hear – will not tie up phones and trust that all is well until we hear from you all.

    – Lee, friend of Eloise and Damian Nolan. Last known as in a backpackers’ hostel. Lee contact Eloise’s sister via c-fone number oh-too-seven-three-one-nine six-three-seven-four (God willing the text will get through).

    – Marian Wood & Phil live at Pacific Towers, 166 Gloucester St. Are you safe? Please text or Go to Bruce & Becky or come to Nelson. Stephanie x

    – Missing Bob and Shell Campbell, Rockinghorse Road. The Watsons.

    – Maurice and Shirley Stove of 152 Queensberry Street Burwood – please get in touch with your daughter Michele 0273569922 to let her know you are ok. A text message will do.

    – Check how my brother David is at Wyn Street Hoon Hay CHCH

    – My name is Adrian, and I am worried about my fiancé. Renee Westbury is in Lyttelton, and although she sounded shaken but safe in the first quake, there’s been more large aftershocks pretty close.

    – Emma Shaharudin – in PGG building – works for Perpetual Trust – are you OK. Mum can’t contact you. Phone 021 1397531

    – Lisa Irene Morton, John Bower Morton, Alison Morton – please let me know if you have any news I can’t get through to them. Many thanks from Carolyn Morton (daughter / sister)

    – Rodney Kirkpatrick of 2 Degrees Mobile & Josh Bradnock of State Insurance and his wife Donna Bradnock – dudes I hope you guys are all ok. Stay safe guys!! – Mark Wong Ah-Kit

    – My Name is Bailey Harwood I am wanting to know if my Family in chch is ok my Mums name is Kim Beyer’s and my sister Samantha and Brother Michael and My Nana Janice Drummond please contact me


    – Jody Pirika, Dayna Pool and Family – Tomrich Street Aranui. Not been able to get in touch . Please let me know how you are all coping. Have heard from Lisa. Hotel completely wrecked but she is okay. She hasn’t heard from Ricky. Please get in touch, Mum and Den.

    – Looking for David and Margaret McLennan from Waterford, David’s sister in Australia is trying to locate them.

    – Hannah Holder waiting to hear from Rachel or Kevin Holder working in the city centre.

    – Brian Edwards looking for daughter and family. Rebecca and Andy Bygraves and four children. Live in Sumner.

    – We are waiting to hear from Lynne and Abe Himiona (Lynne works at Bed bath table in riccarton) and any of the Broomhalls. Wendy and Mya Holden are very worried.

    – Does anyone know whether St Anne’s Primary school students ok. Waiting to hear from my sister Grace who is a teacher there.

    – Waiting to hear from Sandra and Ian Munro – living in the Northwood Retirement Village.

    – I cant get a hold of my big brother, Clayton Douglas Hadfield and his family. Tracey Huata (partner), his sons Heitia (baby), Carl, and Joshua. I just want to know you are okay big bruva. Dad wants to know if you are okay, little sis wants to know. Please chuck me a text or ring.

    – Missing Christina Mammen and Mammen Thomas.

    – I’m looking for information about my Grandfather, Charles Ford, he lives in Parkwood Resthome and Hospital, room 29 on 62 Aldwins Rd, Eastgate. Any information about him or the resthome/hospital

    – Can anyone get a message to Jason Warren and his friend Mark Jason works at Meridian Energy someone call his mum via 0800836262 family querying their safety

    – Adrian Sullivan, my old flatmate from uni days, is a lawyer at Weston Ward Lascelles law firm in the Christchurch CBD. Hope he’s OK.

    – Ruth Irene Medley, working for Phillip Morris– thank you darling for txting me that you are in Christchurch and safe,love your Mummy.

    – Looking for Boyland family. Phil, Judy, Sav, Tom, Steve, Hayley.

    – Michelle, Mike, Mykah and Noah McIntyre 175 Knowles Street. Can not get in contact. Mike works for Ginger Megs in Ballantynes. Marie Alexandre Mother Gold Coast Australia. 0414 533389.

    – Linda , Brittany and family in ChCHCH . Hope you are all safe. Let Brent & Reiko know via Richard.

    – Missing my mother, Lillian Carr, possibly in the inner city today around Ballantynes, lives in Burnside.

    – Missing Louise Manson – works for Sport Canterbury.

    – Has anyone heard from family Melanie Douglas, David Douglas, Bryn Douglas or Issac Bellamy? Liz from Queensland.

    – Havent heard from my aunty Susan (sue) Hamil she works for CYFS Please contact Anyone in the family!!! call Malcolm & Jocelyn PLEASE! – marcia xx

    – I am sat in England desperately searching for news of my Uncle, Roger Yates, my cousin Nicole Yates and her children.
    My uncle lives in Huxley Street.

    – Hi, Im trying to get hold of my cousins- Anthony Mclaughlin, James Mclaughlin, And Renee Mclaughlin ( sometimes goes by Erin Glasgow) I cant get hold of them If you guys see this let me know if you are ok.

    – I am looking for news on Steven Matheson, New Brighton Rd and Patsy Matheson at Willow Lea Senior Care home. Alister Matheson.

    – Missing James Wah – not sure where he was at the time.

    – Trying to contact Troy Anderson-Henderson working on scaffolding in Christchurch, Desperate father in Timaru waiting to hear from him.

    – In response to this message:- I’m looking for my mum, Judy Illingworth. She was working at ACC in the Trust Building on Oxford Street – I received a text from a worker on the 4th floor of Trust Building on Oxford. He said staff were out and looked ok. Your mum works on lower levels so I can only assume your mum is ok.

    – Louise Manson – found alive & well


    – A few people have expressed concern about people at university. They are most likely fine – there was no major damage to any of the buildings.

    – Would love to hear from Canadians Penny&Ted and Val & Wulf. Carol.

    – My nephew works for the ZM radio station in Christchurch can you please contact your mum urgently or your aunty Lynda on 0274506143 to let us know you are okay.

    – We are looking for Helen Tai, Bill and Mia Parenteau, Canadians in Christchurch. Please contact Sean in Toronto.

    – Tim Wachsner & Risa from USA touring in Christchurch today – please contact Peter & Betty in Sydney.

    – We are looking for my sister Misty Wood her husband Julian and their children Mitchell and Griffen. Our concern is with Misty, as far as we know she was studying at Polytech today in the CBD at the time of the earthquake.

    – Just found out Angela Ross and her children, Alice and Charlie are safe and sound.

    – Waiting to hear from the staff at the IRD in Cashel Street, if there is any word if they are safe please text 0273288443.

    – Looking for beloved grandma Melissa Couch in Lyttelton.

    – I am looking for my friend Marion Hilbers, works in the CTV Building, please has anyone heard from her!

    – If anybody has friends or relatives in the spreydon/hoonhay/upper riccarton area, and can’t get a hold of them or get to them due to traffic, myself and my flatmates can go and check on them. 0273104500 – Kyle.

    – Missing Moira August, aged 90, Fendalton Retirement Village. No cell phone.

    – emilia kazmierczak where are you call mum

    – Francis Wynne and Janine Vialoux both situated in central city. Waiting to hear of ANY news please

    – Terry, Lyndsay, Martin, Erin, Andy, James Coyle and children – hoping all are safe

    – Jackie and Steven Freeman and three daughters are you OK???

    – Our family is waiting to hear from my mum who lives in Linwood: Elsie Ting.

    – Unable to contact son Bradley Clarke. On course at Avonmore College Christchurch.

    – Dale & Bruce Manttan – please contact your sister Lesley to let her know if you’re okay.

    – Waiting to hear from Elinor and Malcolm Bell, from Canada, travelling by campervan, going to Antarctic Centre this morning.

    – Trying to ascertain location of Keith Raymond who was in Chch hospital today. Ward 27. Please contact if have any info.

    – Hi I’m Bailey Harwood, I’m 12 years old can you please help find my mum Kim Beyer she lives in Shirley on Orontes street please find her let me know please. Thanks.. Bailey

    – Sam Bennett & Vicky Percival – Sam’s mum Rachel in USA keen to know Sam’s whereabouts. New phone number for Rachel 001 912 6553429 – Erica.

    – I am looking for Richard, Marisa, Pascale, Andre and Emma of the Battrick family in Cornwall St, St Albans.

    – My sister Nadalene Huriwai. Works at wagamama. If anyone has heard/knows where she is, please reply back.

    – Looking for Fergus and Carol Campbell works in YHA building.

    – I’m looking for info on the following Christchurch area residents and visitors: Linda Moser, Peter Saunders, Saskia Saunders, Bette Bailey – visiting from Canada (age 70), Tom Bailey – visiting from Canada (age 73). Thanks, Chris Passmore.

    – Waiting to hear from Katrina Hall and Kim Cadigan. They live on Springs Road in Hornby.

    – Missing Carol Dawe, Steven Dawe and family, Jasmine Karetai and family, Tane Karetai and Rita and Tamara and family.

    – Please could Penny, Val, Ted and Wilf get in touch with Carol. We are very concerned!

    – Parkwood Resthome. Can you confirm that the residents are all okay – we live in Nelson and our mother is a resident.

    – To Ben and Emily Fountain-Wiseman, To Joanne, Grant, Mia Ovenden, To James, Brooke, Carys Wilson, To Matt Wilson
    To Denis Wilson, To the Weir tribe, To the YMCA Education past and present staff and students, Please all be safe, text me if you haven’t already to let me know that you are all ok on don’t forget the oz prefix, 0400476262,
    or here at work. Saw Grant’s car at his favourite coffee place, under some rumble, very concerned about this. Consider leaving the city, due to aftershocks and damage

    – Missing Sylvia McBean 85 years old from Avonhead Road.

    – Are you safe Myrtle Davey and family, Cashmere?

    – Do you know how Philip Matthews at the press and his family are? Rebecca is my sister and the only one we haven’t heard from.

    – Is the Riccarton Mall Okay? No one was hurt?

    – Our daughter, Jessica Nicholson, arrived from Denver, Colorado just 1 ½ hours before the earthquake. She is beginning her first semester at Lincoln University. Airport to Lincoln…all OK?

    – Ang Boon Yu & family, hope to hear from you soon! Poh Kow Peeng from Malaysia.

    – Looking for Reid Magdanz – Alaskan transfer student at University of Canterbury.

    – Missing Donna Robertson. Works at Christchurch City Libraries.
    Hundreds of additional messages for the missing are posted at the above link.

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