Fire Earth

Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

TC ATU Moving to a Cold Graveyard

Posted by feww on February 23, 2011

ATU to Live One More Day as a Cyclone

TC ATU Details at 12:32UTC on February 23, 2011

  • Position: Near 29.8ºS, 177.6ºE
  • Location: 900km NNE of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Forward Speed: ~ 40kmph
  • Movement: 135 degrees
  • Max sustained winds: ~ 120kmph
  • Max wind gusts: ~ 130kmph
  • Max significant wave height: ~ 10m
  • Estimated by FIRE-EARTH

“[TC ATU] is currently undergoing extra-tropical transition (ET) and is expected to complete ET by [February 24 at 06:00UTC] as it continues to accelerate along the southwestern periphery of a subtropical steering ridge into the mid-latitude westerlies.” JTWC said.

Click image to enlarge.

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