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Christchurch Earthquake and ‘Somali Pirates’

Posted by feww on February 27, 2011

At Risk: Hundreds of Millions of Aid Dollars


“The devastation in Christchurch is as bad as the destruction caused by an earthquake in Haiti last year, former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark says.”

Helen Clark visits Christchurch with Labour leader Phil Goff . Twitpic/Phil Goff via Apartheid New Zealand

A former NZ PM and a current prominent UN figure, Ms Clark must surely be even more initiated than the UN secretary general Mr Banki – Moon!

Ms Clark who now heads the United Nations development program, reportedly flew into Christchurch today and visited the central city to view the CTV and PGC building sites.

“Total devastation, and my heart goes out to everybody. So many people no longer with us. Grieving families. People with terrible injuries. People’s livelihoods destroyed … that’s the devastating scene.” She said.

“The devastation in Christchurch is as bad as the destruction caused by an earthquake in Haiti last year, former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark says.” Local media reported.

Interesting how the establishment agents have such short memories. After the Christchurch earthquake 2010, they said the buildings there were much more quake-resistant than Haiti’s, in an attempt to explain why no one was killed in NZ. [The international charity mafia still claims that more than 300,000 people were killed—sic—and about 316,000 injured—sic— as a result of the Haiti 2010 quake.]

Keep an eye on the donation figures and see how the hundreds of millions of dollars poured in would be hijacked by the ‘Somali Pirates.’ At least they might now moralize the grand larceny by using excuses like: ‘Why rebuild in the same place where nature has destroyed twice already.’

[SEISMIC HAZARD WARNING: Areas in and around the Golden Bay, the Tasman Bay, the region north and south of the Cook Strait, the entire northern seaboard of North Island, especially the  Hauraki Gulf area, as well as the western and eastern seaboards of the NI are believed to be among NZ’s potential disaster hotpots. FIRE-EARTH]

Earthquake Update Feb 27, 2011

The Mass Exodus

“Authorities in Nelson are working hard to accommodate fleeing Christchurch residents amid reports that [thousands] have escaped to the region following Tuesday’s earthquake.” Source

“It is difficult to gauge the number of arrivals, however, anecdotal estimates have people arriving from Christchurch over the weekend numbering many hundreds,” spokesman for Tasman Emergency Management said.

“There had been reports that some were looking to shift to the Nelson-Tasman area long term, with some enrolling in schools.” The report said.

The Amazing Vanishing Act of the Dead


  • Fatalities : 145 Dead (at least 95 percent had already been identified)
  • Missing: Between 200 to 300
  • Presumed total of the dead and missing: Between 345 and 445.


Superintendent Dave Cliff confirmed the death toll in Christchurch had increased to 147.

He said there are still more than 200 people missing, including a New Zealand police officer.

“We know many – if not all – of the confirmed dead will be on that list,” Mr Cliff said this evening.

“So there are still over 50 unaccounted for.” Source

NZ PM John Key’s Revealing Comment about the Fatalities:

“This may be New Zealand’s single-most tragic event,” he said (See below).

[NOTE: In New Zealand’s previous worst ever disaster, the 1931 Hawkes Bay earthquake, 256 people perished.]

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FIRE-EARTH Blog has been posting specific quake warning for New Zealand Region since 2008, all of which have been buried by New Zealand govt and Google. [See links below.]

The following report written by the Press Association is included for reference:

New Zealand disaster ‘worst ever’

[UKPA] Saturday February 26 2011

New Zealand’s prime minister said the Christchurch quake may be the country’s worst disaster ever, as officials warned that a third of the city centre’s buildings may have to be destroyed.

Engineers and planners said the city’s decimated central area may be completely unusable for months to come and that at least a third of the buildings must be demolished and rebuilt after last Tuesday’s 6.3-magnitude quake. The casualty toll stands at 145 dead and more than 200 missing.

John Key said the government would announce an aid package on Monday for an estimated 50,000 people who will be out of work for months due to the closure of the city centre. Mr Key, who spent some time talking to families who lost loved ones in the disaster, called for two minutes of silence next Tuesday to remember both the victims and the ordeal of the survivors.

“This may be New Zealand’s single-most tragic event,” he said.

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker assured relatives of the missing – including people from several countries who have converged on this southern New Zealand city of 350,000 – that every effort was being made to locate any remaining survivors of Tuesday’s 6.3-magnitude quake.

No-one was found alive overnight as a multi-national team of more than 600 rescuers continued scouring the city’s central business district, although a paramedic reported hearing voices in one destroyed building early on Saturday, Police Supt Russel Gibson said.

Police have said up to 120 bodies may be entombed in the ruins of the CTV building alone, where dozens of foreign students from an international school were believed to be trapped. Still, Supt Gibson said rescuers were not completely ruling out good news. “I talked to experts who say we’ve worked on buildings like this overseas and we get miracles. New Zealand deserves a few miracles,” he said.

The King’s Education language school released a list of missing people presumed in the building: nine teachers and 51 students – 26 Japanese, 14 Chinese, six Filipinos, three Thais, one South Korean and one Czech. An additional 20 students were listed with “status unknown”.

The death toll rose on Saturday to 145, Police Supt David Cliff said, adding that: “We do expect that number to rise.” Some 226 people remained missing. At Christchurch’s cathedral, workers had just begun work on its ruined bell tower late on Friday when fresh aftershocks sent more masonry tumbling from the building.

The city’s central business district will take several months to recover, Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee said, adding that “most of the services, in fact all of the services that are offered in the CBD will need to relocate elsewhere”.

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US Volcanoes: Blasts from the Past?

Posted by feww on February 27, 2011

Speaking of Volcanism in the U-S

Based on the rising rate of global volcanism, volcanic activity in the mainland U-S may be overdue

Mt Adams

Source:  Mt Adams Seismicity

“Mount Adams, one of the largest volcanoes in the Cascade Range, dominates the Mount Adams volcanic field in Skamania, Yakima, Klickitat, and Lewis counties and the Yakima Indian Reservation of south-central Washington. The nearby Indian Heaven and Simcoe Mountains volcanic fields lie west and southeast, respectively, of the 1,250 square kilometers (500 square miles) Adams field. Even though Mount Adams has been less active during the past few thousand years than neighboring Mounts St. Helens, Rainier, and Hood, it assuredly will erupt again. Future eruptions will probably occur more frequently from vents on the summit and upper flanks of Mount Adams than from vents scattered in the volcanic fields beyond. Large landslides and lahars that need not be related to eruptions probably pose the most destructive, far- reaching hazard of Mount Adams. The purpose of these maps and booklet is to (1) describe the kinds of hazardous geologic events that will likely occur in the future at Mount Adams and at other volcanoes in the region, (2) outline the areas that will most likely be affected by these events, and (3) recommend actions that individuals and government agencies can take to protect lives and property. — Scott,, 1995″ Source: Volcano Hazards in the Mount Adams Region, Washington

Click image to enlarge.

SP Crater, The San Francisco Volcanic Field, N Arizona

The San Francisco Volcanic Field, home to about 600 volcanoes, lies in northern Arizona covering about 4,700 km². This photo-like image  of  the volcanic field featuring SP Crater and lava flows was acquired by ALI on NASA’s EO-1 satellite on April 17, 2010. “Forming a paisley pattern, the dark volcanic rocks north of SP Crater result from lava flows. (This image has been rotated and north is at right.) The hardened lava extends some 4 miles (6 kilometers) from the cinder cone, and is about 100 feet (30 meters) thick. Different dating techniques have placed the age of this lava between 4,000 and 71,000 years old.” Source: NASA-EO. Click image to enlarge. Download large image (4 MB, JPEG)

Volcanoes NOT shown on the maps above include:

  • Dotsero (CO, 2500 BC)
  • La Garita Caldera  (CO)
  • Soda Lakes (NV, Holocene)
  • Steamboat Springs (NV, Pleistocene-Fumarolic)
  • Bald Knoll  (UT, Holocene)
  • Fumarole Butte  (UT, 650,000 years ago?)
  • Pavant Butte  (UT, Holocene?)
  • Santa Clara  (UT, N/K)

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