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Mother of All Sandstorms Scares the Daylight Away

Posted by feww on March 31, 2011

Tsunami of Sand Washes Over Arabia

Ginormous Sandstorm Sweeps Arabian Peninsula

A giant, fast-moving sandstorm, which started in Iraq and Kuwait on March 25, dropped visibility to near zero, shrouded Kuwait in instant darkness, shut down the city’s airport, disrupted traffic and terrified the people across the Arabian Peninsula.

Frame grab from a Youtube video clip.

Arabian Sand Storm

Click images to enlarge. Download larger image (6 MB, JPEG)

Download larger  image (5 MB, JPEG)

These two images of the storm  were taken by
MODIS on NASA’s Aqua satellite.  Top image was taken on March 26, and the bottom image 22-hours later on March 27.  Source: NASA-EO

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