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Toxic Sardines Kill 20, Sicken 126

Posted by feww on April 7, 2011

Sardines became deadly after eating poisonous seaweed

At least 20 people have died and 126 others are in critical condition after consuming toxic sardines in Madagascar’s  south-western town of Toliara, officials have said.

The sardines were said to belong to the Clupeidae family (Order Clupeiformes), which includes many of the world’s most important food fishes such as herrings, hilsa, menhadens and shads.

Researchers had previously blamed poisonous seaweed for making sardines toxic in similar incidents.

Millions of dead mackerel, perch and sardines, float on the water at Redondo Beach’s King Harbor, Los Angeles County. (Xinhua/Reuters Photo) More photos…

Climate Change and Sea Conditions

Changing sea conditions caused by climate change and pollution is believed to be responsible for poisonous seaweed proliferating among Madagascar’s coral reefs,  home to  numerous marine species, including sardines and many other types of fish.

“A similar incident was also reported in Sakaraha, about 130km away from the coastal area,” a report said.

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